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warm memories
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Track made with Yamaha RM1x hardware sequencer, Yamaha TX81z tone generator (drums and sine soft synth) and Zoom 1201 effects processor (for delay).

- Bass sound is created from the patch sound SqurOctA (square wave played in both octaves) heavily filtered

- Sine sound is the default initalise patch on the TX81z which I put through delay via Zoom 1201

- Bass drum, snare, hi-hat percussion are default TX81z patches (D25: Bass Drum, D24: FM Hi-Hats, D28: Snare 1), all created using FM synthesis, so no drum samples

- Chord sound is created again using the SqurOctA RM1x patch slightly filtered

- Square Arp uses the Square B sound, without filtering

- Main lead is Square C patch from RM1x, slight filtering

- Finally, Wind and Rain (Shower) samples straight from RM1x's FX library (does use samples)

The entire track is created with hardware, except for recording and slight mastering in Ardour.

While the square waves of the RM1x sound different from primitive square waves you would create in a tracker, I still think it counts as chiptune.

It's a continuation of the polar landing track, this time it's about a scientist on the polar station recalling memories from home while looking by the window during a snow storm.
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post #107756 :: 2019.02.16 8:00pm
  argarak liēkd this
This is good! I wish it was longer

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