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waltzing in the club
  76th/218   Σ22.639   Mar 28th 2016 4:11pm
Last night gyms wrote
"has there ever been a hugely popular club banger that was in 3/4?" that got me very excited about the idea. This whole track was composed in 3/4, but unfortunately the chorus might be more in the 6/4 feel and the verse definitely feels like 4/4 triplets. The breakdown towards the end, however, is mos def 3/4 waltzy time that doesn't start off with, but resolves to waltzy chords. I would have submitted to the Renoise format, but I don't know how to produce "banger quality" w/o an arsenal of VSTs. All n00bz!!

LIRYCZ 8=======D

waltzing in the club

they playing some bangers
i'm gonna invest in some hangers
i can't abort this riddim
c'mon hang my coat, kid hnnn?!?!
don't know if i'm pre-victorian
or post-renaissance
the sound is buggin'
did i join a seance?
yo ho ho and a chest of boons
feeling ill; sailing the Danube
black sea maritime goons
blowing blue chunks like a pack of n00bs
they playing them bangers
they dropping their anchors
that banker got angers
sipping cocktails with cankers

waltzing in the club

they playing them bangers
they dropping their hammers
but please mind your manners
'cauze they'll stab you with daggers
in the eyes; what a surprise
if i'm blind can i be hypnotized?
thanks god for making me odd
i miss fast food; i miss super-sized
rub a dub dub thanks for the grub
eat them fish sticks with your chin up
we at this banging waltz club tonight
everything's aight; don't be a troglodyte
they playing them bangers
anchors and hammers
anger and manners
they dropping them bangers

waltzing in that club all night
waltzing in the club
waltzing in that club
they're playing bangers all night
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post #65806 :: 2016.03.29 4:40pm :: edit 2016.03.29 4:40pm
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
"rub a dub dub thanks for the grub
eat them fish sticks with your chin up"

truly the aristotle of our times
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post #65847 :: 2016.03.30 9:19am
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
triangle lead!
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post #65849 :: 2016.03.30 11:17am
  Post-retro liēkd this
it's not a lead; it's a melodious bassline!
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post #65851 :: 2016.03.30 12:24pm
  awesum and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
that was the most banging waltzclub i've ever experienced, and also the only - thank you
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post #67919 :: 2016.05.20 9:41pm
  charlotte and Modus Ponens liēkd this
I got a very "bhutanese passport" vibe from the effects on the vocal track.
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post #67973 :: 2016.05.22 4:01am
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
Very funny, really enjoyed the detuned 'waltzing in the cluuuuuub' chorus hahahah. Also, you're a Renoiser too? fuck me i'm in love nao. Renoise4lyf
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post #68198 :: 2016.05.26 4:49pm
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c'mon hang my coat, kid hnnn?!?!
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post #68316 :: 2016.05.29 3:22am :: edit 2016.05.29 4:08am

for section and organic produce [aura power]; nobody can do this quite like u can
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post #121863 :: 2020.05.31 3:38pm
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
dang i forgot about this. bump!

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