big lumby
Level 24 Grafxicist
ascii art

heart magic 
89th Σ5.130

brain tech 
110th Σ5.022

bleep squeeze 
199th Σ4.518

deep tweak 
119th Σ4.854

the winter of our pants 
26th Σ5.352

the kringle itree
  103rd/318   Σ24.876   Jan 19th 2021 12:51pm
making all of your dreams come true! just don't question it's intent. please. don't.

please view this with this font
at 12px size!! it just doesn't look the same in consolas or courier new

i wanted to see ascii so much in this winter chip, i couldn't pass it up after doing my ansi entry
done with pablodraw and notepad in conjunction, expounding a bit on my html entry as well by introducing another kringle product in time for the winter season!
hope you enjoy :D/

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Level 8 Criticist
post #137465 :: 2021.02.26 7:45pm
I really did not understand a thing but the art is really cool

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