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the cyberdemon's workshop
  231st/438   Σ24.555   Dec 16th 2020 6:07pm
oops you find yourself on mars, and even worse, in the cyberdemon's workshop! the cyberdemon gives gifts to all demons on mars during december but not you!! (unless you count the gift of being murderised by the workshop's inhabitants)

you wake up in the storage facility and have to escape! however, this will not be easy as the cyberdemon himself guards the exit. you must somehow overcome this obstacle and pull the switches at the end to teleport to safety. good luck!

extra points:
- the music is a bit quiet so you might have to turn it up. also I made the midi file too long so it doesn't loop properly (the map's pretty short anyways)
- there's one secret in this map which might make it a bit easier
- made in about an hour-ish, I didn't feel like I would submit anything but the map proved functional so I guess why not
- made using SLADE 3 and tested with GZDoom and doomu.wad (that means you have to use DOOM1/ultimate DOOM iwads)

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