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sin 2 win
  12th/32   Σ25.550   Sep 3rd 2013 7:39pm

i could have spent a lot more time tweaking this but BLORF

here are the lyrics in case you cant understand my crisp, angelic vocals:

indulgence wrapped in suits and ties
built their homes with bricks of lies
it trickles down, so stop the leaks
do well to keep your gains discrete

grab whats yours with bloody hands
bend our will to your demands
they say fortune favors the bold
so shut your mouth, do as you're told

just take what you want
at any cost

its dog eat dog, run with a pack
make sure they don't see your attack
this system works, by design
if you wait your turn you'll be last in line

no remorse, no regrets
charity is what i detest
that's when they'll say, you're the boss
die for your sins nailed to a cross

just burn in the fire
and don't bring that smell around here

nothing ventured, nothing gained
your bottom line is human pain
hacked apart, with a saw
mount the trophies on your wall

a sinner once, a sinner twice
drown yourself in every vice
human condition, give me a break
don't think i'll make that mistake

just sin to win
and can i get an amen?

notice how i used "amen", "break", and "sin" in the lyrics arent i clever? a: no
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Level 27 Chipist
post #31962 :: 2013.09.04 5:27am
  Chip Champion liēkd this
I'm not very into this kind of song, but this sounds really cool! Great job! Also, the lyrics are very cool, although sometimes the singing sounds slightly offtime and that bothers me a bit, but it might just be me. It's still pretty cool and enjoyable :D
Level 31 chipist
Chip Champion
post #31963 :: 2013.09.04 7:55am
  cce liēkd this
oh yeah this is amen iv, the track should be called "sin 4 win" SHIT
Level 18 Mixist
post #31978 :: 2013.09.04 8:49am
Level 24 Chipist
post #32257 :: 2013.09.13 5:27pm
Reminds me of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (I think I got their name right)
Level 31 Chipist
post #149377 :: 2021.11.26 12:16am
i enjoyed it!

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