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  1st/14   Σ28.447   Oct 31st 2020 7:13pm
bytebeat synthesis things!

6 components:
- kick drum using sine phase shift model
- snare with two sub components: white noise + two differently tuned sine waves
- hi-hats modeled using phase modulation (digital fm)
- chord, arp and lead all use my new cool waveshaping synth, see this comment! (I also combined the waveshaping with phasemod for the arps and lead!!)

all sequenced using the same old method I used for my previous "phase byte" entry. also more clock modulation similar to my entry "tuned_phase time_modulation".

the drum models are vaguely similar/based on the ones on the "braids" mutable instruments module.


playback using the greggman player at 44kHz. try setting 'wave' to 'none' for better performance.
full greggman player link

I wanted to use look-up tables to make the sin function faster (as it's used a lot in this entry) but unfortunately run out of time. apologies if it runs a bit slow on your computer. also I used the Math. prefix for a lot of the functions as I thought I'd move this from the greggman player to node.js but again, I ran out of time.
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Baron Knoxburry
post #130193 :: 2020.11.08 11:14am
  argarak liēkd this
ag wish i could remember what the problem was i had with your waveshaping synth... something to do with changing pitch :shrug:

i like this tho

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