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  Dec 22nd 2021 11:23pm

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once I clicked on a SoundCloud playlist ages back, maybe the one with the mariachi band on the front? huge keffie playlist. I hit play and it ruled, and there was a song with dog barks, detuning, descending? had no words for what I felt other than the best "whoa". like it was the only thing that could make sense then; relieved in seconds from a huge headache I never knew I had until it was, boom, untangled, evaporated. can't remember all the details yet it brought me to battleofthebits!

sometime later I hit play on a live vid of, something, a results stream? last year's advent calendar? I remember music and I remember a dude screaming his head off and it ruled! it was big lumby! the avi ruled, the plant pot looked really happy to have grown a tree. the whole place felt alive! soon it was time to sign up

so many ppl to mention aha -- nitro and the drive for GNU/Linux, and the Amiga song that had to ride solo on my favs list for a few months bc it ruled so much; a lone office machine or two, then more, just, assembled, into a song that had me drumming on the laptop like a gorilla. mioh and keffie again and the musescore ppl for bringing me back to the orchestra, I never saw me writing an oboe part! OPM and the drive for FM and Genesis -- like, there was a cool future of music, a golden age that never got to fire up after CD stuff was in full force, and like instant, it was on again. BGO for having afaik just about the same music vocab roots as me and doing really cool stuff I wouldn't have landed on in a million years. damifortune's cover of my vocal thing was coolest Christmas gift ever and once I get smooth with SPC I gotta hop in the SPC remix! or just poo out smth n00b style and hit "enter", even better

and puke/baron! fiancee and I saw ASSHOLE DRUNKARD and it ruled aaha

many names left out here and I may be better w the notes than the wurds yet everyone rules -- last decade or so I was falling down a flight of metal stairs with a half-stack amp cab finally landing on my chest; tonight I did just-temped 9th chords in klangfreude, next to my fiancee, buried in a pile of sleepy and beautiful cats. botb been good to me. Merry Christmas and let's do this again next year!
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