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  9th/99   Σ28.184   Jun 5th 2013 9:41pm
i did not expect to enter spring tracks but with the 2 day increase on the deadline i decided to put somethin together over the last few hours. it probably took me more time to find samples since i am module illiterate but that is besides the point.

working in openmpt very much puts me out of my element since i am used to sticking specifically with 8 bits but i think i am getting the hang of it!! please tell me what you think

have a wonderful remainder of spring, friends. i forgot to eat while making this song, so i'm going to do that now.
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post #28436 :: 2013.06.05 9:46pm :: edit 2013.06.05 9:48pm
  zebra, skinnyhead2000, Interrobang Pie, Doxic and Rainbow Dash liēkd this
i forgot to add this little tidbit but i meant to!: most of the samples i used were from other botb entries, mostly spring tracks. i initially wanted to use mega drive samples mostly but they didn't sound too hot so here we are.

just wanted to clarify that! i hope the people that i took samples from don't mind :v

(also thank you zebra for telling me how to make triplets with .it files *smile, smile*)
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post #28437 :: 2013.06.06 12:13am
  commandycan liēkd this
Even though it's so short, it's expertly crafted and very lovingly done! I personally don't have a problem with you using other peoples samples, as I have done that many times myself ;)

I really enjoyed this commandy! ;3
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Interrobang Pie
post #28514 :: 2013.06.07 8:29pm
  commandycan and Slimeball liēkd this
Commandy, darling, this is super duper lovely <3 <3 <3 Don't doubt yourself <3
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post #28560 :: 2013.06.09 8:32am
  Slimeball and commandycan liēkd this
I can tell you right now: even though I didn't download the module file, I do recognize the drums. They're most likely from an OHC I hosted. ^_^
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post #28623 :: 2013.06.10 6:13pm
  goluigi, kfaraday and Slimeball liēkd this
i remember borrowing samples from you specifically, so i guess that's where i got the percussion from!

i also remember borrowing from strobe, coda, baycun, svetlana, and probably goluigi??? oh, and the fm samples were from a website that had that one anime squid girl (that should about narrow it down) on the side bar. if anyone wants the link i'm sure i could dig it up!

so if you are one of those six people that i borrowed samples from then hey thanks. it made workin on this song pretty fun.
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post #29091 :: 2013.06.25 11:24pm
  commandycan liēkd this
Love those well-placed orchestra hits.
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post #29095 :: 2013.06.25 11:46pm
  kfaraday and Interrobang Pie liēkd this
you see the fact that i watched sailor moon when i was a child really shine through in this song and accompanying title

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