cabbage drop
Level 20 Chipist
mood power 
11th Σ4.483

mind torque 
6th Σ4.636

6th Σ5.090

8th Σ4.366

noised in my pants 
9th Σ4.362

milk snake
  8th/13   Σ22.936   Oct 25th 2021 10:10pm

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rhodes from AfroDJMac
harpsichord from pjcohen
mellotron from somewhere
bass layer from DefleMask FM
bell from XHB05915 spong bong
drum loops from stock Renoise
flute from XHB05913 spicy pancake
main bass from XHB05375 sps29 - korg
crash, china, 808 from stock FL Studio
ding and timbale from XHB05684 sps35 - toys
gtrs from XHB06089 yea videogame 29 - mega man x2
organ from XHB05813 ssps6 - build your organ today!
more hi hats from XHB05729 Dead-End to Golden Remix
trumpet from XHB06243 yea videogame phi - super mario world
pan flute and calliope from XHB06140 yea videogame delta - megaman and bass
accordion, choir, and more gtrs from XHB06241 yea videogame theta - secret of mana
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