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little babies take over the plane and crash it wow rip
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ok so this song is based off a true story but the whole story isnt true its just BASED off a true story ok anyway once upon a time there was a golgi apparatus in an airport because he was going to fly to a place called dumb timezone land ^o^ so then he boarded the plane to go to dumb timezone land and waited for 20 minutes for all the slooooooooooow people who took forever woooow ok then the plane drove to the plane road and it went really really fast like so fast it flew off the plane road aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and then the captain was all like "the plane is now 10,000 feet above the ground" wow useful information i need to know how high the plane is obviously anyway so then people were just sitting around on the plane and the hostess came and asked everyone what they wanted to drink and all the DUM ppl got like fkin beer or some shit woooooooooow ok well i got apple juice because apple juice is better than beer obviously ok well then also have you noticed this whole paragraph is just a big runon sentence lol ok maybe i should end this sentence.

ok that was the PREFACE of the song now this is the song part of the story, now the plane is just happily cruising along rly hiiiiiigh in the sky and really faaaast but then suddenly there was this big baby (not me wow) who started to cry REALLY LOUDLY and then he was distracting EVERYONE even though no one was really doing anything other than sitting around at like 30,000 feet above the ground in a flying artifical bird thingy but no one liked the baby crying wow there always has to be some baby crying really loudly for noooo reason anyway so like the mommy baby took the baby baby to the bathroom (they call it a lavatory wtf there is no lava there misleading name) and they did stuff in the bathroom and came back ok then the baby stopped crying for a bit and everyone was happy for a while yaaay :)))))))))) ok but then the baby got really ANGRY because he thought everyone was ignoring him wow well everyone pretty much ignores everyone on a plane anyway the baby somehow learned how to walk and walked up all the way to the pilots place and took over the plane and the plane went BEEP BEEP BEEP and it crashed into the ground and i couldnt finish the song i was making on the plane because i died so i just added crashing effects and beeping noises or something wow also that feeling when the song title and song description is longer than the song itself :o
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post #30495 :: 2013.08.03 12:16am
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EPILOGUE (only available in second edition of this story):

the real reason i couldnt finish is because i ran out of measures life on the streets
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post #30498 :: 2013.08.03 2:40am
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Rest in RIP
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post #30499 :: 2013.08.03 3:48am
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There's a mean crying babby on every plane wow
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Tuxxy Brown
post #30510 :: 2013.08.03 5:47am
don't spoil the movie
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post #30822 :: 2013.08.07 7:09am
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unfinished? the plane crashed, that's the reason why the song ended like that
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post #30907 :: 2013.08.09 2:05am
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irrlicht project
post #31005 :: 2013.08.11 12:25pm
lava-tory harharharhar genius but did ya every try to take a bath in them airplane bathrooms?
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post #31006 :: 2013.08.11 2:10pm
i guess u could say the description of this entry is a lava-story ha ha ha hah ha ha h ah h a h h
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post #31552 :: 2013.08.23 1:47am
This makes a good preface to the previous entry <3
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post #149349 :: 2021.11.25 1:58pm
that fucking description is 74589678459 times longer than the entry

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