Level 10 Chipist
NES/Famicom 2A03

heart magic 
112th Σ4.641

brain tech 
43rd Σ5.084

bleep squeeze 
17th Σ5.577

deep tweak 
58th Σ5.048

the winter of our pants 
60th Σ4.656

keroro and giroro's stupid and dumb adventure [abridged ver]
  40th/357   Σ25.004   Feb 20th 2022 10:49am
This song isn't finished because my Desktop Computer stopped booting so I tried to recover using a Bootable USB but for some reason it was just not letting me into my OS so I pulled out a Seagate Barracuda SSD that I wasn't using so I could at least try an entirely fresh install of my OS but for some reason it was just not recognizing the USB drivers so I couldn't proceed with installation and the only PS/2 keyboard I have wasn't being recognized either but it actually did recognize it at one point and then I was able to install my operating system but then randomly the PS/2 keyboard stopped working right when I was about to install the drivers for my computer so it could work with USB so I decided to inject the drivers into the ISO using dism commands on my broken laptop (which I am Not comfortable tracking on because of the screen size and Keyboard Ergonomics so I didn't want to finish this song on my laptop) and injecting drivers with dism commands worked before but for some reason this time they broke the install and wouldn't allow for the operating system to boot and would throw missing/corrupt files errors at me so I just gave up and decided to export this song on my laptop as is which is not finished because I am not someone who deals well with the Unknown and not knowing when I would be able to submit this next makes me Uncomfortable and I wanted to submit this track from the start of Winter Chip XVII and there's not going to be an Extension well I actually cannot tell if there's going to be an Extension at this moment but even if there is I probably will not be able to finish this anyways because of The Curse of Perfectionism preventing me from having any Momentum when composing so please enjoy what I managed to make and keep this all in mind when listening.
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