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ocean in pants 
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keeper of the sea
  13th/29   Σ25.434   Aug 26th 2021 1:21pm

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vocaloid Macne Nana on vox
guitar lead by me w:
Tim Armstrong Hellcat acoustic gtr
ElectroHarmonix Grand Canyon pedal
Pignose 7-100 w six Eneloop AA batts

hi synth from Surge
piano from Ivy Audio
strings from mellotron
rhodes from AfroDJMac
harpsichord from pjcohen
wurlitzer from MicroKorg XL
bass from "XHB05375 sps29 - korg"
co-solo at start of gtr solo from MicroKorg XL
oozin ohhs from macne, MicroKorg XL, mellotron
flutes from "XHB05913 Spicy Pancake" + mellotron
accordion from "XHB0556 KK Slider Mushroom Kingdom Tour"
kick drum from stock DefleMask Sonic 2 kick
secondary snare layers from stock DefleMask
other drums and percs from stock FL Studio
countless plugins, as freeware as doable
light master thru bots at MajorDecibel

really wanted to knock out more vocaloid since Summer Tracks XI! hell, since Spring Tracks X w spring macne. more layers this time! digital's wild. endless. light-years from hitting "record" on the 4-track cassette recorder and jamming after drum sticks click 4x. got to around 25 tracks. toughbook and I were done!


enceladus awake
the beast of light you gave to me
we swim the oceans, swim with ice
to get the ships who get the whales sinking

trolval, keeper of the sea
I'll protect you, rest your paws on me

aurora borealis light my way tonight
a fishing ship to sink into the deep to eat

trolval, savior of the sea
I'll protect you, rest your paws on me
the flesh of our mother earth gets turned to clocks and bombs
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Level 10 Chipist
post #145874 :: 2021.08.26 2:34pm
  mirageofher and cabbage drop liēkd this
Very awesome, nice lyrics sound too. the ending is a bit jaggering. A nice tail on a sound or instrument would be nice. Other than that really nice!
Level 10 Mixist
post #146675 :: 2021.09.11 8:30am :: edit 2021.09.11 8:31am
  cabbage drop liēkd this
Very nice sounding! Love the combination of different types of instruments. Cool composition too of course!
Level 21 Chipist
post #146889 :: 2021.09.19 10:10am
  cabbage drop liēkd this
That blues guitar solo was a cake taker. I agree with drexegar the ending is a bit jarring. Perhaps dropping out instruments one by one as the ending approaches, or maybe just the drums, would give the final nearly a capella word more gravity

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