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post #126333 :: 2020.09.02 9:06am
  DevEd hæitd this
Downvoted because it is a .jpg

jpg really should allowed, as it cost less disk usage. I will do a bulletin for futur battles :)
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post #126346 :: 2020.09.02 8:20pm
  CastleNes liēkd this
JPG is really bad for pixel art since it is a lossy compression format, meaning you'll lose some of the finer details (especially noticable if you zoom in). Not only that, but a .PNG actually takes up LESS space than its equivalent .JPG (assuming a .PNG of the original uncompressed image).

Just to prove my point, here
are the results of a simple conversion test I ran on all entries (except this one since it's already a JPG) using Gimp's default .JPG export settings . As you can see, the .JPGs take up significantly more space than the equivalent .PNG. The only image where the JPG conversion didn't make a difference is the .GIF entry (since unlike PNG, GIF doesn't use any sort of compression).
(sorry for the wall of text)
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post #126351 :: 2020.09.03 1:52am
I agree with you about one point, these png are really small. And I am quite surprised, I didn't know png was able to be decent about compression, because it is really inefficient with photo/paint kind of stuff. Sow yeah, here, png might bee better than jpg. Thanks for showing me that.

This jpg was an "error", because for pixel I tend to use gif, which is smaller and have the alpha layer too. But I didn't expected a downvote (even if I don't care, I am not angry or else, I even had my pixel badge. and even if I disagree, rules are against me so...) for that. Next time I will be careful ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And about compression, well, I have a different opinion. That doesn't mean you are wrong, I just think pixel art are not meant to be zoomed. Size is part of the thing, and I can make it twice bigger before export if I want (and don't forget T_T)

Compression of jpg is like mp3 for wav, you don't want to work mp3 in Ableton, because you need the quality to deform the sound. But to listen? most people cannot see the difference between the mp3 and the wav^^

My wall of text is not bad either xD sorry

Here is a pixel
I did here yesterday (yes, 99% is pixel... It is just an example). The gif size is 142 ko, and the jpg, ... 77 ko. I respect you and I don't do the png, we both know in that case it will be the biggest.

So what? jpg is a great format, and the bigger is the art, the better it is to use jpg. Pixel or not, imo. I am not against any format here, using any of jpg, gif, or png seems fine for me. But I guess I thing more about size and efficiency that artistically here, I will not post a bulletin for that.
So I will just double check rules when I am not sure...

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