big lumby
Level 23 Grafxicist

cool breeze 
132nd Σ4.524

face melt 
123rd Σ4.492

hawt night 
156th Σ4.330

sweaty morning 
201st Σ3.946

sun in pants 
144th Σ4.346

dusk on the seafront
  159th/236   Σ21.638   Jun 28th 2020 2:24pm
atari st, degas elite 1.1
worked on from june 26th to 28th

funny story i have to tell with this one. originally, this was going to be a gimp made thing using the nes color palette and resolution before i forgot to save my progress before my computer froze. i decided later on -- when i was coming up with my aym entry that'll be uploaded later -- that 'eh i can probably do it on the st. it'd be hell but hey at least it'd be hardcore af haha'

so yea, 3 days on this thing! honestly, i'm kinda glad with how it turned out. sure, there could be more detail on this -- the scenery is bare, save for the beach, and the dithering could be more extensive, there could be better use for the 16 colors i used and all that -- but i think i'm done with what i've started here.

will it win any medals? pffffff
did i have fun? yea, pretty much
is this dithercore? yes! a million times yes!!!

hope you enjoy it either way though :D

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