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dis thugz tale a botb
  165th/375   Σ23.246   Feb 13th 2014 6:48am

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i thought id WRAP up my winter chip with a little RHYME

da poetry:

yo battle of the bits 2014, winter chip 9 uhh
its your boy chip champion
bout to drop this shit, you better catch it
yo let me tell yall a lil bout botb
its a place where all the noobs are comin at cha
they be whippen out they tracks like they whippen out a penis
doin all formats or maybe just chose and pick
yo i cant tell you bout all the noobs cuz we got em
all the noobs like you dont even know it playa
but ill narrow it down, so gather all around
i got a tale for you and yo momma too

barron knoxburrys the head beard, you dont want him gettin weird
he got a site that like to bug out, he fishin trout
bet you didnt know he live in texas
bet you also didnt know he drive a gold plated lexus

yo does strobe dream of electric sheep
and does zanzan dream of electric meeps
mootbooxle gonna get laid, cuz he got the funk
jangler got a dangler thick as a tree trunk

but i got a question, where the fuck is xaimus?
keepin us from his drum and bass is a crimeus
and there aint no more ui, thats awful poopy
been missin trist e and his stanky, happy beats
but i cant really keep track, more noobs joinin every day
so i guess ill end this rap, aint got time to play
who you think this is, kungfufurby or zebra?
i aint got a 3 hour long track, i aint gonna keep ya

yo battle of the bits 2014 represent
winter chip 9, your boy chip champion
id like to dedicate this song to all the noobs
id also like to dedicate this song to my dick
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post #37147 :: 2014.02.13 4:50pm
  Doxic and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
YAY \=D/
Level 27 Chipist
post #38393 :: 2014.02.26 7:01am
Well played with the lyrics...

It's also a spine-tingler for me, quite literally.
Level 25 Chipist
post #39244 :: 2014.03.06 7:58pm
  Chip Champion liēkd this
where the fuck is xaimus?

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