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9999HP - I dont know.mp3
Level 24 Chipist
post #38768 :: 2014.02.28 8:54pm
  9999HP liēkd this

This is not the face of mercy, glaring from the walls
This is not a friendly glare that’s coming from the hall
They tell me that I should not fear, but I know they all lie.
When the eyes ensnare my gaze, it’s off to hell for me to fry!

They call me insane and they attempt to free my soul.
But for all their efforts, my heart remains as black as coal
The world has turned away from me, its light I cannot feel
I can no longer distinguish what’s imagined from what is real

My mind is a labyrinth, of terrifying length
With walls staring down the path, destroying all my strength
Just imagine my surprise, when out from the abyss
Came the devil-man himself, and he said something like this

“Come on boy, let’s end this chase. Next to my throne, I’ve got a place.
“It ain’t so bad, my fiery lair. So long as you don’t mind burnt hair.
“Now come along, sell me your soul, and I’ll help you achieve your goal.
“Eternal peace, don’t that sound nice? Now you be good and pay the price!”
Level 10 Playa
post #60252 :: 2015.09.27 10:51pm
I was wondering if maybe I could put this song in my rpg maker game as a battle theme for some totally edgy dude that's a late-game miniboss.
I'll remember to put your screen-name in the credits, and if you want I can send you the download link when I'm done. So far I'm 90% done and I'm hoping to get it completed within the next couple weeks, so it shouldn't be too long.

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