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Xavier Hearts Bears
  Aug 5th 2022 11:59am
Xavier Schokowilde is a fan of this website, especially the XHBs, which he often participates in in his spare time. But there's one thing he's a bigger fan of, and is best known for: dealing with bears. He's been obsessed with them since childhood, with a dream to become a "bear whisperer" as an adult. Now a grown man, he's THE authority on bears, with more knowledge and expertise on them than anyone alive today. He founded the bear exhibit at his local zoo, and is so good with bears he's won ten awards, two for "bear whispering", and one of only ten people in the world permitted to own one as a pet (his is a grizzly bear named Larry). Larry's so famous and friendly most aren't scared of him, some even taking selfies.

Made in BeepBox, originally under the "Xavier Hates Bears" title and theme. Here's the code: https://www.beepbox.co/#9n32sbk0l06e0bt1Ua7g0hj07r1i0o424T5v0u50f0qwx10p511d08H-JJAArrqiih999h0E1b6T7v0u70f40p61770q72f5q0E21990l65d06HT-SRJJJJIAAAAAh0IaE1c11T1v0uc3f10v3q011d23A1F0B2Q0950Pc454E26327aT4v0uf0f0q011z6666ji8k8k3jSBKSJJAArriiiiii07JCABrzrrrrrrr00YrkqHrsrrrrjr005zrAqzrjzrrqr1jRjrqGGrrzsrsA099ijrABJJJIAzrrtirqrqjqixzsrAjrqjiqaqqysttAJqjikikrizrHtBJJAzArzrIsRCITKSS099ijrAJS____Qg99habbCAYrDzh00E0T4v0uf0f0q011z6666ji8k8k3jSBKSJJAArriiiiii07JCABrzrrrrrrr00YrkqHrsrrrrjr005zrAqzrjzrrqr1jRjrqGGrrzsrsA099ijrABJJJIAzrrtirqrqjqixzsrAjrqjiqaqqysttAJqjikikrizrHtBJJAzArzrIsRCITKSS099ijrAJS____Qg99habbCAYrDzh00E0b4h4h4h4h4h4h014zhkl5hmtE0000000z8M0000018y8y8w0100010g410g01p231IOUM8lcK9BkhVgKpgKlBkhVgKakbBpl4ukbyB2Vmlh7B2warQvhRdVTU-27juzYqqfwFE_7EI5lMP0CzZEOGGS5n8-uPcG-_YSzaGHrt8WrQvRIp8FJv82rbMkOUc0CFVGjhZVlmlVxPfdlYPlPul0Vw9UKCk1E5EKE5EFEN5lpjljljljljljli1feQOw500

I originally made this for the "hi birthday im dad" battle with just sawtooth as "I Love Thy Sawtooth" ("Thy" would've been "Thine", but I had no time). Computer lag made me just miss the deadline, but I didn't wanna submit it late. Here's that version: https://www.beepbox.co/#9n40sbk0l06e0bt1Ua7g0hj07r1i0o4243T0v0u00f0q00d04w5h0E0T0v0u00f0q00d04w5h0E0T0v0u00f0qg01d04w5h0E0T0v0u00f0qg01d04w5h0E0b4h4h4h4h4h4h014zhkl5hmtE0000000z8M0000018Ocz8M01p242IOUM8lcK9BkhVgKpgKlBkhVgKiybBpl4ukbB8yVmlh7B2warQvhRdVTU-27juzYqqfwFE_7EI5lMP0CzZEOGGS5n8-uPcG-_YSzaGHrt8WrQvRIp8FJv82rbMkOUc0CFVGjhZVlmlVxPfdlYPlPul0Vw9UKDndeWp5FCbrFAmCp7gVlcSobntcAtcQPnoJtQOhQPjdtyRTj97jdcRSbntcOeCqpHImKWp8WpFCKNqXFAzFCCqX5HKCieCqpHImKWX0
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Level 29 Chipist
post #159292 :: 2022.08.08 8:20pm
addictive guitar sound
Level 7 Chipist
post #159312 :: 2022.08.09 3:26am
I'm glad a preset can be addictive. 😋

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