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Why Do I Even Bother to Enter With a Doodle I Created Like 6 Months Ago; I Should Just Quit Making "Music".
  241st/375   Σ21.340   Feb 15th 2014 10:49am
So.... I enter anyway. Even though I said I wouldn't. I guess that makes me a hippopotamus.... no wait, a hypocrite.

The song is not very fancy. A simple thing I made at like 2 AM while watching / listening to the bonus stream for Summer Games Done Quick's speedrun charity marathon 2013. Surprisingly, I kind of like this one. It is probably because it is not like my usual crap, but it is definitely not very good. I enter it anyway due to being curious (I did it again, wo! 2 majors in a row!) about the feedback I would get for it. It was a feeble attempt by me to create a shmup-style intro before I even knew how to make good drums.

The day of reckoning has come. Repent all ye sinners, and join the righteous and always benevolent community of power rangers that is the BotB community. It is finally upon us.... our destiny has been sealed and it is now time to make the sacrifice. <insert more generic movie trailer stuff here>. Bla la la la tentacle anime bullshit la di bla wo wo wo. I guess I should start working on all of my late school assignments.... brb.
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post #37266 :: 2014.02.15 12:48pm :: edit 2014.02.16 8:59am
Have at ye:

"It is pretty crummy." - Curious, in response to kfaraday's utterance: "i have not listened to it yet!".

Edit: The MP3 is a converted .wav received from NSFPLAY.
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post #37274 :: 2014.02.15 2:52pm
  plrusek and Curious liēkd this
Defeatistcore Ultimate
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post #37279 :: 2014.02.15 3:19pm
It's a nice tune. I'd say definitely worthy of an old school NES action or even space shooter game. I wish my doodles were quite as good. ^-^
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post #37377 :: 2014.02.16 4:06am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
@Tilde Of course. What else?

@marcb0t Thanks dude. You are the first one that have actually mentioned that this could fit in a shmup game, I guess that means I succeeded somewhat. If I were to make a new song with the same goal it would without a doubt be better.
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post #37958 :: 2014.02.22 11:44pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
This is perfectly fucking fine and I love the progression/fx at the end. God, you're worse than me about this.
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post #38150 :: 2014.02.24 8:42am :: edit 2014.02.24 8:42am
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
@Tilde I am? Oh well. I enjoy making the music at least. Listening to it is probably something I will detest for as long as I make "music". :P

So.... this happened: All I can feel is confusion and some joy.
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post #38160 :: 2014.02.24 10:56am
  plrusek, goluigi, raphaelgoulart, Fearofdark and Curious liēkd this
Stop making "music" and start making music.
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post #38184 :: 2014.02.24 3:13pm :: edit 2014.02.24 3:13pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
This is really not that bad; ending could be much better and it sound more like an introduction to a song more than anything, but this has promise, and you show promise as a composer. Have more confidence in yer ability to make music >:3

Heck, even if you do think it's that bad, or other people think it sucks, it pains me to see people toss their music in the trash, as if it were food that had gone off.
Level 24 Chipist
post #38257 :: 2014.02.24 9:57pm :: edit 2014.02.24 9:57pm
You'll do better. This music is a good foundation and I hope you come back to build on it.
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post #38303 :: 2014.02.25 1:49pm :: edit 2014.02.25 3:11pm
@SketchMan3 Exactly. I'll start doing that..... ehm..... whenever I get the urge to make music again I guess. Having a bit of a creative draught at the moment and school is not helping. :S

@Fearofdark I'm glad you think it is "not that bad". I think when I composed this I just wanted an odd way to end this tune so I made some random stuff and experimented a bit with droning and arpeggio speeds.

Well, this tune was essentially tossed in the trashed anyway. I posted it in the doodle thread on the FT forums (which is a horrible idea because: "I would advise against actively providing criticism to everything that gets posted here. The point of this thread is not to provide comments and critique, and doing so annoys everyone who has posted in this thread by causing a pointless new post alert to appear in their HUD." - jrlepage). I tried to emulate a shmupy style, but I did not want this track to become a very polished gem I would work on for 3 months. I posted it on the forums in hope that I could get some feedback on my attempt of that certain "genre" (I guess you could call it that) of music. I wanted to know if this was actually shmup-like or not, and if anyone had any suggestions on where I should look for a good shmupy style. It received the huge number of absolutely zero suggestions, criticism and comments.

Do I think my music is bad? Kind of, I actually think my music is listenable but I can not actually stand listening to my own stuff casually. I guess my defeatistcore attitude comes from my youth: I was never really interested in art, and whenever I would make anything, especially paintings / drawings, I was never happy with how it went, and I always compared my own work with others (probably unjustly). I was really slow at making stuff since I redrew the stuff over and over. That got me in trouble with the teachers and made me somewhat cynical towards drawing, and I guess in some way towards myself. (The comparison between my own work and other (obviously more experienced) artists is probably the main reason I feel my music is inferior.)

I would not toss music in the trash unless it is something that no one ever should listen to. I would still have it on my computer but it probably will not be posted anywhere for anyone else than myself to listen to.

I've received a lot of positive feedback, surprisingly. It does encourage me, and it gets me in the mood to do more stuff. I think you guys are all greater than three.

@chunter I might not build on this song because I really do not know where to go with it but I will probably some time in the future make something in a shmupy style. :D

(Been a while since I mega posted.)
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post #38371 :: 2014.02.25 10:41pm
  plrusek hæitd this
would you like an honorary troll badge? :)
Level 11 Criticist
post #38390 :: 2014.02.26 6:33am
@b00daw An honorary troll badge? What for? Have I been trolling? Are you refering to the mega post? I have no idea what you are on about, sir. Please enlighten me.
Level 27 Renderist
post #38404 :: 2014.02.26 8:28am
  plrusek hæitd this
ahh... the feeling has left me, but your title and mood for this track is so trolly that i'd give you a troll that i say that any admin or sysop can take off at any time at your or their discretion just if you want to accessorize with a little trolly next to you. comes with all the "benefits" of a troll too!
Level 11 Criticist
post #38456 :: 2014.02.26 1:51pm
@b00daw Hahaha okay. I don't know, though. I am not the trolliest person ever, but having the troll "tag" wouldn't be horrible I guess. If I am going to be frank, this entry is actually better than a lot of the troll entries, because it is actually a tune (sort of). The title is complete trolliness, though. :P
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post #38683 :: 2014.02.28 2:12am
This is really good please make it longer.
Level 11 Criticist
post #38705 :: 2014.02.28 8:37am
@sc I don't know how! XD I guess I can keep it in mind. My style is trending more and more towards what I want it to be: shmup. I guess you can expect some better, but kind of similiar, tunes in the future. :P

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