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What You Have Loved You May Never Love Again
  5th/330   Σ28.124   Dec 18th 2021 4:26pm

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wrote this with the window open on a rainy day... in the middle of December. it's been above 60°F for over a week and apparently will be on into Christmas, and it reminds me that winter is only ever going to get warmer, shorter, weirder.

Advent Diary Day 18:
oh boy, more samples i sent in (some of them anyway)! another exciting day, i've really enjoyed doing classic DOS module battles this past year. i feel pretty comfortable in OpenMPT (and trackers in general) by this point so i look forward to doing and learning more! (i especially wanna do more mptm so i can use the PC events lol)

the title is a riff on the six parts seven song "what you love you must love now", i was thinking about them and the album leaf while working on this (although it didn't turn out much like either of their musics)
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lovely atmosphere!

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