Wetware Upgrade
  Sep 13th 2020 12:36am
It's odd to me that people think we are nearing the end of capitalism.
I believe that we have only just begun.

Huge shoutout and hug to OminPigeonMaster for his excellent voice work.

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Level 19 Chipist
post #126906 :: 2020.09.13 1:05am
  Viravax, hornet, Jakerson and Vav liēkd this
wow this goes dark

the ambience, the melody and beat of the whole thing, and the amazing link with your corporate music entry is really great, but ngl nothing beats it like the ending of this track. it's just...oogh. it's a piece of almost orwellian horror that hits very much at home for me, and is honestly the highlight imo. amazing entry :D/
Level 17 XHBist
post #126943 :: 2020.09.13 2:24pm
  Jakerson, OminPigeonMaster and Vav liēkd this
That is a story, and a dark soilent one :D Awesome! Also opm talking while smiley is scary, he sound like a psycho :D
Awesome entry
Level 10 Chipist
post #126955 :: 2020.09.13 6:37pm
  CastleNes and Vav liēkd this
I actually listened to your previous entry before listening to this and it makes a perfect companion piece. This is fantastic. The voice work / the sweeping chords my goodness. Reminds me a lot of a Garoad song. Great ending by the way. Sound design is top-notch.
Level 10 XHBist
post #126962 :: 2020.09.13 8:00pm
  CastleNes and Vav liēkd this
I love how this is a sequel to your previous corporate entry. Great storytelling! (I wouldn't want to live in that world... unless, plot twist... IT IS!)
Level 13 Criticist
post #127097 :: 2020.09.16 9:56am
  TristEndo and Vav liēkd this
Well done! And that continuity with the corporate hold music is *chef's kiss*

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