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Velvet Fog
  26th/157   Σ26.756   Mar 2nd 2012 3:08pm
friday night choonage, could have probably used a bit more work.. but meh :P
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Level 24 Mixist
post #18160 :: 2012.03.03 9:28am :: edit 2012.03.03 10:19am
how do you count this?!

edit: i won't take 4/4 for an answer!
Level 29 Chipist
post #18176 :: 2012.03.05 2:10am
I don't bother my head with that sort of details usually, so I'll let someone else answer that ;P In any case it was a result of playing around with the speed & interleave settings.
Level 23 Chipist
post #18289 :: 2012.03.09 5:43pm
8/8 with a swing?

I dunno
Level 24 Mixist
post #18292 :: 2012.03.09 9:51pm :: edit 2012.03.09 10:08pm
  Warlord, HertzDevil and Fearofdark liēkd this
i got it!

may i present the world's craziest rhythm, courtesy of Warlord's witchcraft:


or i guess you could consider those all 16ths at this speed...i dunno how some time sig math works, just that those above note the emphasis of the beats in this crazy thing(slowed waaay down). it all breaks down to 4/4 or 8/8 or whatever...but what's above is how you count it.
Level 25 Chipist
post #18365 :: 2012.03.11 10:06am :: edit 2012.03.11 10:10am
It's a swung 4/4 whichever way you cut it, with some offbeat rhythms.

Suppose you could try and count in 12/8, seeing as the rhythm is in swing, but that's a little complicated...
@Gyms: How on earth did you... ??
Level 24 Chipist
post #18369 :: 2012.03.11 12:22pm
but shna has gone as far as 19/16
Level 24 Chipist
post #18532 :: 2012.03.18 6:42pm
Agree with FoD, it's 12/8
Level 27 Chipist
post #18535 :: 2012.03.18 7:12pm
i'd say swung 4/4
Level 24 Mixist
post #18563 :: 2012.03.20 9:40am :: edit 2012.03.20 2:11pm

I was counting it in the same way you'd count 12/8, cept it's 24/16 broken down to 10+3+1+3+7

Again, I had to slow it way down and listen to it for like an hour to really pinpoint what the rhythm was doing. I was really effing hard, but I eventually established the groove in my head and could starting singing ideas and stuff to it.

Sure, it'd be easiest to just call it swung 4/4 with some offbeats, but it's not just the percussion doing this. I think the phrasing tends to dance around this rhythm as well, so it's a somewhat established characteristic of the song.

I mainly broke it down cos I wanted to play with this rhythm myself eventually, cept in 24/8, something a little more manageable when you can't always "play around with speed and interleave settings", haha : P


edit: or I could just be full of shit and not even realize it, haha. i'm 90% sure this would be how it'd be broken down, as far as counting the rhythm out. i'll bust out some staff paper eventually and transcribe this tune to see how it all actually works and bump it all back here with some scans or something :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

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