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  8th/46   Σ25.316   Oct 30th 2019 2:44am

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"They saw some ennemies spotting on the battlefield"

15 minutes seems to be long, but how long it is when they might be the last of your life?
There is a whole universe in those 15 minutes, the story elaborated itself during the composition, switching between (pseudo)random events from the noise generator (vcv-rack), inspiring the (genuine) DX7 and zynaddsubfx synths sounds and notes.

I'm quite satisfied with the result, it's the direction I want to follow for my music, because it was much work for post-production but it remains still spontaneous (live recordings). It's less controlled and more repetitive, simpler than some previous works, but there are still some harmonies and compositions. I've used my beloved FM synthetised sounds, but I've also used some samples and direct microphone recordings. The whole was mixed with the Ardour DAW.

The mood is pure old school Dungeon Synth, yet there are some experimentations.

I hope you'll enjoy the experience of wandering into this distant realm.

note: Due to the limitation of the file length, this version was compressed to 96 kbps, there is a higher quality version located there: (it will expire at some time).

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post #115636 :: 2019.11.13 5:58pm
  garvalf liēkd this
this is like a sisters of mercy tune played at half speed

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