Vavco Presents: The Game & Watch Boondoggle
  Dec 10th 2021 11:57am
Exciting boon investment opportunity, get in on the ground floor! Presenting the latest, hottest distraction game device from Vavco®, the Game & Watch Boondoggle™!

Guide your dashing robed wizard hero Vav toward the boons
with the 4-way directional input and use the JUMP button to cross to new platforms as they appear and disappear. But be quick, as you'll have to avoid Kleeder's F-Bomb attack as you amass currency!

Collect enough boons and you will gain a powerful new dash ability! And if you max out the score, bring your device to any participating Wendy's® location and receive a free Son of Baconator™ combo meal*!

* Restrictions may apply. Inquire in-store for details.

Advent Diary Day 10:
another format i expected and was pleasantly rewarded to see; i'm not much of a visual artist but this (and photomash) are both really fun, especially when there's a palette restriction like this!

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Level 24 Mixist
post #150036 :: 2021.12.15 12:42pm
  damifortune and kleeder liēkd this
haha this is amazing ty dami

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