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Had an idea for a hook, but I have limited time. This is a solo multi-track jam session with the DRUMBRUTE and a Commodore VIC-20 (with my PADDLE❤PLAY™ software). It has post processing via Ozone 5 (four band dynamics and the maximizer).

Recorded in the following order ::

Track One ==
DRUMBRUTE - I got this thing a few days ago. It's pretty dope. I can see room for practicing on playing it back live; manipulating patterns in real time.

Track Two ==
VIC20 TENOR VOICE - PADDLE❤PLAY™ gives 2.5 octave control with the keyboard. Besides the VIC naturally sounding out of tune, this keyboard feels clumsy. It could be my code is somehow tarded. I don't know -- I haven't looked at in 12+ years. But, dang, it could be much more responsive.

Track Three ==
VIC20 ALTO VOICE - PADDLE❤PLAY™ lets you control the lowest square voice via a paddle; the fire button turns it on.

Track Four ==
VIC20 NOISE VOICE - PADDLE❤PLAY™ lets you control the noise channel via a paddle; the fire button turns it on.

My particularly favorite pair of paddles have noisy potentiometers causing variations in the paddles' digital values. Sometimes, at live shows, I'll boost the bass on the alto square, but mostly I like to scratch the noise channel on top of my tracks. In a few instances I will play the keys over a lead.

This was a fun little experiment. I like these two instruments combined in such a fashion. I will most liekly do this again for a WILDCHIP™ in mah futurez!

ALL N00Bz!!
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Level 28 Chipist
post #79881 :: 2017.03.07 4:57am
  maxvdub liēkd this
This tune almost sounds like the underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Lol

It's a nice combination, and has unique writing.
Level 23 Chipist
post #79973 :: 2017.03.09 3:28am
  Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
I shook my funkin ass to it! This reminded me of retro DJ shit from the scratch pickles... delicious!!!! omnom
Level 26 Mixist
post #80101 :: 2017.03.10 8:54pm
Aww Yeeeeaaah!
Level 23 Mixist
post #80254 :: 2017.03.12 10:36pm :: edit 2017.03.12 10:36pm
  Xyz and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
Level 23 Mixist
post #80255 :: 2017.03.12 10:37pm
  Xyz, TMM12 and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
this has to be the most dingleburg song of all of them
Level 24 Chipist
post #80964 :: 2017.03.18 6:22pm
  Post-retro liēkd this
Fantastic use of noise.
Level 20 Criticist
post #81453 :: 2017.03.26 10:19am
Noise channel feels kinda like a harsh noise artist screaming into a mic with infinite distortion/gain

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