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  16th/31   Σ21.208   Mar 30th 2007 2:50am
If only the wind would stop tearing through the branches.


Continuing along an obscure forest path in the dead of winter with only the glow of the moon to guide you, there appears a distant shimmer.

Nearing the oddity, you realize it is moving; seemingly in your direction. Is is real? Is it... sentient?

The closer it gets the more intense your fear becomes. You want to run, but you realize you cannot move. The only reassurance of your consciousness is the wind still pushing through the trees.

You close your eyes and concentrate on the stiff breeze. If your body is immobile, your mind must flee.

It begins to overtake you. Slowly through the soles of your feet, then fiercely as the pumping of your own heart forces it throughout your body.

As the glow begins to leech from your eyelids, you know nothing will ever be the same again.
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Level 22 Mixist
post #5169 :: 2007.03.30 6:26am
Great track!
Level 17 Chipist
post #5170 :: 2007.03.30 9:30am
mr. effect
Level 15 Mixist
post #5171 :: 2007.03.30 2:55pm
Danke xaimus!

Hey Rio! Amazingly I didn't use a ton of effects... I trimmed up a good amen loop and treated it like a tape loop (slowing down, speeding up, etc...) and allowed it to manifest itself. The ambiance is a modified sin wave abstracted about 70 times with a touch of reverb. (Changing the frequency of the wave dispersal is what gave that pitch change.)

It's all about the grains!!
Level 11 Mixist
post #5172 :: 2007.03.30 3:14pm
this track is awesome and i love the bee hive buzz you have created - i think the two instruments in the start are enough and breaks near end distract from the sublime noise you made in the intro
Level 10 Mixist
post #5173 :: 2007.03.30 3:23pm
it's indeed an interesting sample manipulation, much more soundscapes oriented, maybe the beat repeat was not fitting that as a last "moment" of the track.
Level 12 Chipist
post #5174 :: 2007.03.30 3:55pm
Hmm, just sound design... pretty awesome sound design though!
Level 14 Criticist
post #5175 :: 2007.03.30 9:22pm
Love the beginning! Nice work!
Level 15 Chipist
post #5176 :: 2007.03.31 2:47am
Great ambiant track. really makes you feel something.
Level 14 Mixist
post #5177 :: 2007.03.31 5:35pm
This track is really deep. When you say "grains," do you mean the fruity granulizer? It's one of my favorites, used it a bunch on my track.
Level 15 Chipist
post #5178 :: 2007.03.31 7:14pm
really nice sound :)
Level 15 Mixist
post #5179 :: 2007.04.02 6:22pm
danke all!

kaneel: I totally agree... I hated that part, but I needed something quick to end the track. I was thinking more of a fast buildup to clipped white noise or a random spectral fade out. I just didn't have the time to do either!

earlofbandwidth: I used Reaktor for the entire track. The ambiance was a polyphonic stochastic triggering of a single edited sin wave sample. I guess you could call what I did to the amen loop a bit of granular synthesis too. I layered multiple instances of ramp driven loop. The depth corresponded to the length in samples and the frequency was the speed. Both of which were chaotically controlled (along with a few other bells and whistles!).

BTW This was all done in one take about an hour before th end of submissions! hehehe

I was going to do something dancy using just outboard gear (no computers)... I just didn't have the time to mix it down XD.

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