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"For one month, you are completely free."

"I don't understand. What do you mean?" says the robot.

"You have been given a gift. You can experience things no other robot can... and for all that you have given me since I built you, even that I know I can never repay you. You are kind. I look in your eyes, and I see a universe of possibility. You are my greatest creation, my gift to the world. You are more than a robot... you are my son."

The robot smiles, holding back what would be a tear.

The doctor continues, "You were born today one year ago, in this summer month. As my gift to you, you and your robot dog may explore the world for its duration. Make it count."

"What about the chores?"

The doctor laughs. "I'm sure I can convince your sister to help me."

The robot takes a moment to processes this.

"What should I do?"

"Anything you want."

The robot looks down at his feet, then up at the doctor. He turns to his robot dog.

The dog perks up and runs over, eagerly awaiting his master's orders.

"Flight mode," commands the robot.

Two propulsion module spring out the sides of the dog. The robot jumps on top of his dog, and they take off out of the laboratory's sun roof.
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