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Top Gunner
  6th/39   Σ28.111   Mar 26th 2017 11:56am
The ancient Dark Priest of Trent, Dgrog Jduhna, has been summoned upon the modern sins of man. Unleashing the legions of waste and rot upon the upper realm, humans are hunted relentlessly and slain without mercy.

Enter WWIV Veteran Cop Turner, former Alpha Division OPTG: the absolute, number one Top Gunner. Making his way down the hillside toward the writhing bluffs ahead, he relinquishes himself for one sullen moment to sink into the gravity of the situation...

Dgrog Jduhna, blood in hand
forbidden rituals blight the land
but Cop Turner
the Top Gunner...

these gutlusted hellions want blood

but Cop Turner rolls ahead
put the afterburners behind
the Top Gunner will never stop
until the enemy's out of sight

the Bluff of Three Skelters
host the trials of blackened ponds

Dgrog Jduhna, the walking dead,
and the devils scream with delight
the blue flutter upon their heads
would make a mortal lose their mind
but Cop Turner rolls ahead
put the afterburners behind
the Top Gunner will never stop
until the enemy's out of sight

Drog Jduhna, blood in hand
forbidden rituals blight the land
before any earthly man
his auras kill you right where you stand
but Cop Turner, you are
the Top Gunner, get up

Dgrog Jduhna, blown to shreds
and the oath begins to unwind
a view from a road retread:
not a demon left alive

and Cop Turner rolls ahead
put the afterburners behind
the Top Gunner will never stop
until the enemy's out of sight
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Level 30 Mixist
post #81461 :: 2017.03.26 12:08pm
  Flaminglog, Pegmode and sqwerty liēkd this
Level 24 Chipist
th4 D34D
post #81471 :: 2017.03.26 1:20pm
  mootbooxle liēkd this
Great track doooods! I like the sparse melodic section with the intricate drum solo patterns over top. And cool speedy dissonant part near the end (3:25~). Atmosphere and textures are super retro cinematic.

So when is the movie coming out? ;}
Level 30 Mixist
post #81492 :: 2017.03.26 2:35pm
The synth brass hook is soooo good.
Level 9 Chipist
post #81515 :: 2017.03.26 6:29pm
  goluigi, mootbooxle, shinichi and tothejazz liēkd this
hey the brass is your cz! we only used stuff we had on hand so these sounds are all recordings and samples from hardware we own
Level 23 Mixist
post #81540 :: 2017.03.27 12:18am
Sounds very 80's. I like it!
Level 30 Mixist
post #81543 :: 2017.03.27 3:59am
sqwerty that is awesome!! I wondered if any of those sounds were from the CZ. You're making it sound better than I ever did! I have a whole ton of patches you can SysEx into it if you'd like to try them out.
Level 9 Chipist
post #81603 :: 2017.03.28 1:06am
  VinCMG, mootbooxle, Beard, shinichi and tothejazz liēkd this
yea I'd love to check them out. I've actually been programming my own patches from init, it's a lot of fun plus it's like, the sounds actually belong to me or something. feels good man

lol moot I remember back in the day when you did nsf's you were insistent upon using your own original samples for the dpcm and I was like 'damn this guy moot is serious about keeping things all original'. I've always been a preset kinda dude who likes sample packs and rompler sounds, but lately I totally get why it's important to make your own patches from init or sample your own stuff. I feel a much stronger connection to what I'm doing

btw, for fun, here's all the equipment that was used between me and jet:

Casio CZ-5000 (brass, electric guit, perc, bass)
Yamaha PSS-270 (bass, sfx)
Yamaha QY-300 (drums, perc)
Korg SP-250 (string pad)
Korg MicroKORG (sfx)
Jet's shitty guitar(turned out to be a really cool sample tho haha)
Jet's BlueBottle Mic for the shouts in the chorus
My semishitty Tascam DR-07 for the main vocals

things were rushed quite a bit near the deadline, but we had a lot of fun working on it. lot of experimentation and didn't know how it'd turn out really. we didn't intend to make it sound so '80s' either haha, we were more going for a reference and extension of the original doom music(there's a very hard, intentional doomy blues cadence in there as a joke, lol).
Level 23 Pixelist
post #81702 :: 2017.03.29 7:49am
Damn, this is solid
Level 25 Chipist
post #82086 :: 2017.04.06 8:27pm
  Flaminglog and gotoandplay liēkd this
In the intro I was expecting choked crashes as in "One," but instead...

Very good CZ programming. Vocals sound great too.
Level 24 Chipist
post #82149 :: 2017.04.07 4:25pm
these chord progressions are incredible, amazing work
Level 7 Mixist
Polygon Horizon
post #82255 :: 2017.04.09 8:10am
  sqwerty liēkd this
This is so damn heavy metal, the vox are fantastic and true as fuck! Awesome work, dig the MIDI guitars haha! Composition is very fast and brutal, so this is some winner worthy entry!
Level 9 Chipist
post #82405 :: 2017.04.11 1:16pm
hey I'm happy you specifically mentioned heavy metal, you got it. we took some liberties with what's expected and experimented a bit, but one element we had an insane amount of fun with was the setting and theme painted by the lyrics...which in our opinion is METAL AS FUCK

think judas priest or iron maiden albums, like that vision of overly amplified apocalypse fantasy lol
Level 24 Chipist
th4 D34D
post #82418 :: 2017.04.11 4:16pm
So sick, I love the prog influenced jazz solo with the constant repeating bass line. It gets so sick when the clean guit kicks in around 2:27, that riff reminded me of something I've heard before but can't place my finger on it, but either way it was great. Killer proggy stuff!
Level 28 Chipist
post #88706 :: 2017.08.03 6:15am
you had me at the 6/4 synth bass

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