Jessica Robo
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Nintendo Gameboy

cool breeze 
176th Σ4.153

face melt 
132nd Σ4.422

hawt night 
121st Σ4.586

sweaty morning 
172nd Σ4.233

sun in pants 
143rd Σ4.347

Theme of Sweltering
  154th/237   Σ21.742   Jul 31st 2020 8:09pm
AKA Theme of Learning Deflemask #1

I'm new to BotB and making chiptunes! I did a few allgear OHBs but I decided to spend most of the past few days trying to learn Deflemask. My original hope was to write for the SID but it was too hard to figure out in time for the deadline!
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Level 14 Mixist
post #124262 :: 2020.07.31 11:52pm
  Jessica Robo liēkd this
this kicks ass???? holy cow
Level 19 Chipist
post #124265 :: 2020.08.01 12:51am
  Jessica Robo liēkd this
Sweet track. Like it a lot :) As for SID, I'm still learning deflemask but i use it for SID music and it's way easier than any other sid composer, but it's also buggier. Ask the community on discord or IRC, will try to help.
Level 28 Chipist
post #124817 :: 2020.08.06 1:37pm
  Jessica Robo liēkd this
Not bad! Not bad at all! :D

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