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The Rite of Sprung
  54th/106   Σ25.128   Apr 28th 2013 11:29pm
"It's been three days since my plane crashed here. I'd been flying up to Furby Ridge as part of reconnaissance but the damned Gander Squadron got me... the maps have all burnt up in the flames but I predict I'm about sixty miles away from the nearest town. It seems the Cyberdrake got there first, though."

"I don't know how it happened... we were winning the war for the past 400 years... or at least it's what our ancestors told us? So many songs and stories... I can't tell left from right anymore... since they built the Cyberdrake (was it built? I do not know) the ducks' technology has been increasing... their infantry track us down on giant springs..."

Jolted from his thoughts, the human soldier notices two ducks fast-heading towards him, cleaning up to finish their dominance of this area. Instantly gripping his laser pistol from his cyberpunk-ass sleeve, he faces them with a primal and jingoistic fury, the immediate battle putting aside his finer feelings to hone him for the war that his childhood prepared him for.

"They'll see... you'll all see! Deflemask IS the superior tracker!"

- 2nd Lt. Delek Hernandez, Human Army

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post #27062 :: 2013.04.29 6:48am
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i wish i could face every life challenge with a primal and jingoistic fury
Level 15 Playa
post #27064 :: 2013.04.29 11:08am
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I wish my ass had a cyberpunk gun sleeve....did I really just write that??
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post #27065 :: 2013.04.29 1:58pm
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no nipples?!
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post #27067 :: 2013.04.29 2:48pm
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I think the hand penis is a good enough substitute
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post #28163 :: 2013.05.28 12:31pm
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Fresh Prince of Spring Tracks

"Well ah, the plane landed and when I came out,

There was some crows looked like ROB standin there with my name out!

I ain't tryin to get stacked up yet I just got here!

Sprang with the quickness like F01, disappeared."

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