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NES/Famicom 2a03 w/ Expansions

cool breeze 
109th Σ4.272

face melt 
96th Σ4.273

hawt night 
108th Σ4.330

sweaty morning 
113th Σ4.185

sun burnt pants 
111th Σ3.936

The Last One
  110th/166   Σ20.996   Jul 30th 2017 11:50pm
I didn't want to waste too much time thinking of a title. So, this is what you get. I'd greatly appreciate if you guys could give me some sort of criticism on this song. I want my final NSF entry to be the best one I've ever submitted. So, if there's something you don't like about the song or something you want me to add, please let me know and I'll reupload the song with those problems fixed.

Also, it's a VRC6 tune. But you could probably figure that out on your own.
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post #88618 :: 2017.07.31 4:55am :: edit 2017.07.31 5:06am
  kleeder, Quirby64 and DaJoshy liēkd this
This really stands out (in a good way) compared to every single entry you have submitted earlier, and I'm not even trying to avoid being harsh with my opinions just to comfort you. This one kept me interested until the very end, and feels much more thought out structure-wise. Same goes for the leads, they actually -uhm- LEAD somewhere and aren't chaotic.
I don't know how much effort it does take, and how psychically exhausting it is to compose for you, but if you're going to keep progressing at current rate, i'd rather advise you against quitting BotB for good. Maybe just make something twice a year or so, rather than pushing yourself too hard and musically shitpost when you don't really feel like (except OHBs maybe, they are good for your musical health)
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post #88810 :: 2017.08.04 10:43am
  Jangler, Quirby64 and DaJoshy liēkd this
This is an epic sounding tune mang. Nice melodic progression throughout, and the breakdown with the noise wind/waves gave a real cinematic feel to it. I really like the variation between call and response and homophonic texturing. I like more variation in percussion personally, but the driving beat seems like a fitting stylistic choice for this track so it's really just preference.
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post #90060 :: 2017.09.03 9:22pm :: edit 2017.09.03 9:23pm
  DaJoshy liēkd this
Overall, it's good. My only complaint is that you used the pure saw bass which can easily hurt ears at low frequencies.

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