The Ice Truffles of Frostwolf Forest
  Dec 7th 2021 6:56pm

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Though a dangerous mission it be, you venture into the eerie frozen landscape of Frostwolf Forest to forage up a gift for your beloved lifelong mushroom enthusiast companion, Mycol - the rare and elusive ice truffle. The radiant acoustics of the mysterious forest, which amplify strange fauna seen nowhere else, are unlike anything you've experienced in these lands and contribute to the otherworldly quality of this icy glade. And that's to say nothing of the generations-old legends of Frostwolf Forest... They told you not to go in there. They say something's in there. And they say all sorts of scary, scary stuff about it. It ain't just a frost wolf, that's for sure...

Advent Diary Day 7:
sunvox has some of the craziest effect commands i've ever seen! not only does it have probability notes, it can call up notes (and random notes) from other places, and even modify and copy its own patterns/tracks, which is insane from a generative music perspective. it would take a long time to accomplish but i'm certain some really interesting territory could be explored with more than a day's time to work.

i like what i made and would enjoy exploring this software more, though it really does strike me as the sort of thing you can spend nearly endless time tweaking because of how much setup there is, so i could see this being very time-consuming. its potential is so strong though! really cool!
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  damifortune liēkd this
instead of using the fx commands to manually modulate the panning of the ambience instrument, you could have used an lfo together with sound2ctl

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