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Level 31 Chipist
post #110883 :: 2019.05.29 9:18am
  TrippleP, argarak and pandavova liēkd this
i'm hyped for the synclisten stream!
Level 27 Mixist
post #110884 :: 2019.05.29 9:44am
  sean, ovrthrustr, charlotte, kleeder, TrippleP and pandavova liēkd this
personally I think this is pretty cool, I especially like pattern 7's sound design, it sounds really dark and there was certainly a build up in this one which is nice to see

I'm excited to see where and how you'll take pandavovacore moving forward :p
Level 16 Chipist
post #110904 :: 2019.05.29 7:54pm
  pandavova liēkd this
Those were the most intense 16 minutes I ever listened to.
Level 14 Chipist
post #110909 :: 2019.05.30 5:59am
genius boy aims to make the synclisten as latest as possible.
Level 22 Chipist
post #110912 :: 2019.05.30 10:11am
  Zillah, raphaelgoulart, VinsCool, Baron Knoxburry and Sinc-X liēkd this
I think that the low effort 'shitpost'-like entry joke has gone well past its prime.
I feel that continuously posting entries that are excessively low effort (and in this case excessively long as well) for the sake of being excessively low effort is something that shouldn't be happening at this place, even to the point of it discouraging me to make entries.

I am not a moderator but I would kindly ask you to stop posting this kind of material.
Level 23 Chipist
post #110913 :: 2019.05.30 10:26am :: edit 2019.05.30 10:27am
  Post-retro, Jaq and charlotte liēkd this
Well... Im not going to stop.
This is my kind of music, i have fun with it. If people tell me to leave though, i will do it, even if i dont want to.
Kind of sad but whatever.
Level 29 Chipist
post #110915 :: 2019.05.30 10:31am
  raphaelgoulart, Lia and Savestate liēkd this
its one thing to have fun with it, but imo you still have to consider where you're uploading it to. if you want to make this kind of thing its better for soundcloud or other platforms than a platform centric on competition, where low-effort entries kill the mood for a lot of people rather than exist somewhere they can be avoided if people don't like them. i think silly joke things are fine to do once in a while but theres a point where it becomes excessive imo and makes things worse for most people involved
Level 23 Chipist
post #110916 :: 2019.05.30 10:40am
As i said, if im ordered to leave, so it will be.
Level 29 Chipist
post #110917 :: 2019.05.30 10:43am
  raphaelgoulart, Slimeball, Savestate and VinsCool liēkd this
i mean, we don't want to force anyone to leave - a lot of people would just appreciate it if you cut back a bit, either trying harder to make better music more often or at least just not doing this kind of thing over and over every battle
Level 28 Chipist
post #110918 :: 2019.05.30 10:48am
  raphaelgoulart, RazerBlue6, gotoandplay, Savestate and Sinc-X liēkd this
the basis of botb is mutual interest and most people would be more interested in [any number of other things] than listening to shitposts or competing with them in a bid for people's attention and feedback. i feel like this goes unrecognized; it's not about whether someone can "take a joke" but about whether participation in the community as a whole is worth their time

no one is telling you to leave - the request was that you be considerate of other people
Level 31 Chipist
post #110922 :: 2019.05.30 11:15am :: edit 2019.05.30 11:19am
  sean, argarak, pandavova and charlotte liēkd this
  raphaelgoulart, RazerBlue6, Savestate and Jangler hæitd this
i get people's point if they define pandavovas music as "joke music" and i'm pretty sure there are some entries which are "shitpost" or "joke" entries once in a while from him. but as sinc-x already said, thats something we all do from time to time.
most of his stuff on the other hand is definitely not a "joke". not only that i mostly like unconventional music and his music, but i'm also often involved in the process of making his tracks e.g. collabs or when he asks for feedback and i can say for sure, that it's not "low effort" like delta said.

yes, this is a website where musical competition is the most important part. but blocking a style of the musical range (in this case, it's a more abstract and unconventional style) from these competitions, contradicts the core of free competition imo

edit: additionally, he actively tries to get better. just compare his first entry with the latest ones from this major battle and you'll hear a big difference
Level 29 Chipist
post #110923 :: 2019.05.30 11:18am :: edit 2019.05.30 11:19am
  raphaelgoulart, Slimeball and Savestate liēkd this
i dunno "Gets faster every loop. Play 26 times until it reaches maximum speed." doesnt sound like a serious effort to me. obviously everyone has their own tastes but theres a lot of circlejerky misskewed encouragement going toward this kind of troll material and theres a point where its both hindering the fun of the competition to have to listen to and vote on it and also hindering any creative development by encouraging them to continue to make low effort nonsense
Level 29 Chipist
post #110924 :: 2019.05.30 11:21am
  raphaelgoulart, pandavova and kleeder liēkd this
ALSO im not saying all of pandavovas music should be outlawed, obviously. i am all for free competition but you also have to be reasonable about it. there will always be entries that a lot of ppl dislike but you need to find a balance instead of littering the place with a million shitposts
Level 29 Chipist
post #110925 :: 2019.05.30 11:23am
  raphaelgoulart, RazerBlue6, gotoandplay, Savestate and Jangler liēkd this
also if he's actively trying to improve then maybe not posting obvious troll material like this would help to show that
Level 28 Chipist
post #110927 :: 2019.05.30 11:27am
  raphaelgoulart, Savestate, Sinc-X, charlotte and pandavova liēkd this
  Slimeball hæitd this
not going to read that post since everything that needs to be said here has already been said. i'm closing this thread
Level 31 Chipist
post #129466 :: 2020.10.29 4:21am
  pandavova and TrippleP liēkd this
reopened. the discussion was over a year ago and i dont think its appropriate to still block this entry from getting comments. in case the discussion starts again, i'll close it again. let past things stay in the past.

im still coming back to this entry from time to time. there really is something about this that makes it interesting and memorable to me

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