Jul 17th 2021 3:19pm
This song comes with a campfire story.

Chapter 1.
Justin is driving down the road in the middle of the night on a secluded unlit two lane highway. A ways ahead he spots a pale young woman in a yellow sun dress. As the car gets closer he begins to notice just how pale she is. The cat stops next to her but she does not make a movement or even look in Justin's direction. Instead of noping out Justin proceeds to roll his window down and ask "Ey. you alright? Need a ride somewhere?". Suddenly after asking the question to the young woman Justin is suddenly driving his car down the highway. It's the same highway but there is a thick fog with about 15' visibility. Justin looks in the passenger seat and the young lady is sitting there. Justin asks "who are you? what are you doing in y car?" She points forward and looks at Justin and says in a whisperer voice "summerville" . Justin looks forward just in time to read a passing Welcome To Summerville sign. Justin confusedly begins to ask the young woman again about their whereabouts but when he looks over at her again she had disappeared.

Chapter 2.
Justin looks forward again just as he notices a town ahead. Upon entering the town Justin spots a pudgy man walking down the street. The man has long hair and a beard is wearing a shirt and jeans with sandals. The shirt says "SORRY LADIES BUT I HAVE WAIFU AT HOME". Justin stops and tells the man he is lost and asks if he knows the best way to the freeway. The man just reply's "hey man don't ya like Silent Hill man?" Justin loves Silent Hill for the PS1. Justin reply's "Hell yea I am a huge fan!" The man throws Justin a box and than runs away laughing. Its dark but Justin can barely read the words SILENT HILL on the box. Justin pulls out a flashlight and shines it on the box. Its a PS3 copy of SILENT HILL HD COLLECTION and Justin dies once he sees this horrible abomination. the end.
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