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  43rd/55   Σ19.985   Aug 20th 2015 9:13pm
GIIDYAP! [it's too repetitive :3 I suck]

Here's a video to watch with:

I took several hours making over the course of 2 sittings.. (14 hours?)[so 2 hours if I was pro]

This is my first track for TG16/PCE \o/
This is my 2nd time composing/programming with MML.

For this track, [imperfectly] I messed with :
'q' command for horse trot as I could not get a volume macro to get the right "quick pop" sound I was after.

Looping tracks with different lengths together

no panning at init but then panning after loops [I call this "inheriting" for now]

Using a "useless" channel of low level noise to assist in blocking the "ow my ears" feature of voices that quickly oscillate to volume 0 when nothing else is playing. I actually made an archive detailing the issue I've been having with solo'd waveforms involving volume 0 oscillations:

From this competition I was led to work on XPMCK's PCE code. I realized the difference between HES/PCE files, and added the ability to create real PCE Roms. That might be useful for testing on a real TG16. Furthermore I plan on using XPMCK's .callback function in a real TG16 visual program :) [donate your TG16 here]

As usual, I will edit my post with more details, likely [or see comments].
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Level 27 Renderist
post #59512 :: 2015.08.26 7:37pm
hey feel free to incorporate the code from my hackjob:

just throw me in the creds or something.
Level 14 Chipist
post #59520 :: 2015.08.27 11:23am
I'm not sure if I'll use any of this but thanks for submitting. Looks from the logfile to be majority a job for Colecovision, right?

You didn't happen to work on this in git, did you? git history would help me sift through what you've done.. A patchfile is better than nothing..

but other than that I'm not just going to go looking.
Level 27 Renderist
post #59533 :: 2015.08.27 5:38pm :: edit 2015.08.27 5:38pm
The major addition is the preliminary FM support for SMS. It's worthwhile.

I don't really work on things in any standard manner.
Level 14 Chipist
post #59534 :: 2015.08.27 5:46pm
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We should chat on IRC sometime
Level 21 Criticist
post #59790 :: 2015.09.06 3:09am :: edit 2015.09.06 5:13am
You don't really do a good job explaining WHAT the audio problems are.

Re: q command. Maybe implement release envelopes like in ppMCK

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