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24k tracker module

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flower power 
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spring in pants 
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Song for My Friends
  210th/245   Σ18.693   May 16th 2019 1:15pm
First attempt at module optimization
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Level 7 Playa
post #110546 :: 2019.05.17 10:52am
  Treadwell Walden liēkd this
comfy melody, especially in the middle ~
Level 30 Chipist
post #110578 :: 2019.05.18 12:56am
  VinsCool, sc and Treadwell Walden liēkd this
hey. even if your module is way under the 24k limit and its therefore not necessary, i'll give you some feedback regarding the mod-optimization nonetheless c:
might be helpful for future modxk submissions~

the first two patterns could be played at A08 speed instead of A04 speed because every second row is empty.
(i just realized you also uploaded a 12k mod with long gaps between "important" rows, where you could've used different Axx-commands)

getting rid of instruments is always a good thing, especially when you only use volume envelopes and cutoff effects (simply doable by using Zxx and Dxx commands in pattern editor.

and if you have a section (e.g. pattern 0 and 1) where only one channel is added to a loop, you could start the song with the default channel volume of channel 5 set to 0 and enabling it later with a 1-row-pattern. a good example for stuff like that is this entry.

as i said, since it fits perfectly anyway, there's no need to implement all of this, but if you wanna add more sections to your song for example and already reached the file size, it might be a good thing to try one of these optimizations c:
Level 11 Mixist
post #110602 :: 2019.05.18 8:09am
  kleeder liēkd this
Thank you for your help Kleeder... :D/

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