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cool breeze 
48th Σ5.193

face melt 
72nd Σ4.859

hawt night 
37th Σ5.186

sweaty morning 
96th Σ4.790

sun in pants 
26th Σ5.298

Some Red Roses
  46th/237   Σ25.325   Jul 19th 2020 7:58am
I initially wanted to draw Elvis or an Elvis tribute artist because this is basically the low-res electronic version of black velvet, but since I've never used Rexpaint before I thought I'd do something easier.

Note: This entry isn't being rendered correctly. Please donload and open it in Rexoaint or pablodraw or some other ANSI program to view it properly.

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post #123746 :: 2020.07.19 10:08am :: edit 2020.07.19 10:11am
the ansi renderer is shit tbh
it works 20% of the time but fails with anything else. im not an expert so i cant say why exactly this is the case, but resaving it in other tools etc worked for me. try reopening it in pablodraw and save it again.
or criticists: dont be lazy and actually download this entry.
(its a very beautiful thing btw)

oh and the renderer also changes the width of the entries which is extremly annoying
Level 16 Grafxicist
post #123758 :: 2020.07.19 4:56pm
Ok thanks

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