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Secrets Hidden Deep Within
  18th/37   Σ23.089   Feb 28th 2021 8:03pm

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You have discovered a dungeon located in the deep, blue sea of Lokymore. Now it's time to explore it. How much will you be able to hold onto your breath? What horrors and treasures await you in this dungeon? Only one way to find out.

Originally I didn't know if I wanted to submit anything to this, but after fiddling around with an idea I had, well here we are I guess. I feel like I rushed it a bit to meed deadlines, but I also think it's good enough as is so... yeaj.

(first major on this account Woo; special shoutouts to CastleNes for helping out with some Extensive Criticismâ„¢)
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Level 31 Chipist
post #137665 :: 2021.03.01 2:09am
  mk7, garvalf, big lumby, ovrthrustr and MelonadeM liēkd this
  hqaoqu and goluigi hæitd this
this isnt too bad, i enjoy the atmosphere. but i think its too lighthearted and dreamy overall, isnt getting dark enough to really fit in the dungeon synth feeling for me
Level 15 Chipist
post #137670 :: 2021.03.01 2:30am
  big lumby and kleeder liēkd this
that's fair, i'm not too familiar with the genre apart from a primer listening to whatever recommended material has been linked

if i had given it more thought id do a lot differently to fit within the genre more but oh well
Level 28 Chipist
post #137772 :: 2021.03.02 1:20am :: edit 2021.03.02 1:27am
  garvalf and MelonadeM liēkd this
this is more like you are coming out of the dungeon and a bright ray casts against your face. you are temporarily blinded but after your pupils *contract*, you see ethereal white clouds morphing, swans flocking in flight. you are delirious yet relieved and hopeful that your nightmare will finally be over. just another 100 damp and rocky meters to climb

all parts of the dungeon are fair to write music about!!!!!!

edit: pupils dont enlarge in bright light they contract....
Level 22 Chipist
post #137801 :: 2021.03.02 6:42am
  mk7 and MelonadeM liēkd this
too technical and with some modern music influences to be really DS (which is generally raw and a bit awkward). Yet it is very enjoyable to listen to, great production!
Level 15 Chipist
post #137824 :: 2021.03.02 12:48pm
hehe yeah, if I had a chance to go back i'd personally just use like a ton of late 80s-early 90s romplers since a lot of dungeon synth seems to focus on doing that.

as for it being more raw/awkward, i get what you mean but for me that's gonna be tougher because i tend to work with quite a few effects regularly, and this one already kinda cuts back on the fx usage (mainly bc i didn't really need them as much here). but maybe that's because the fx i use are too modern, and to properly capture that era of sound i need to get a more "vintage" sounding plugin, fx box or IRs...

if there's a DS3, i'll def keep all this in mind
Level 26 Mixist
post #138489 :: 2021.03.08 8:03pm :: edit 2021.03.08 8:04pm
  p13z0 and MelonadeM liēkd this
Like a few other songs in this compo, I really want to upvote this because it's a nice track and the production is high. I can't because if this won or something that wouldn't really fit the theme. Either way this has a lot of elements that I like. Keep it up!
Level 4 Criticist
post #138495 :: 2021.03.08 9:37pm
  MelonadeM liēkd this
I love this, reminds me of some of the more melodic tracks from DJ Rozwell's NONE OF THIS IS REAL. Just needs to be a little darker and maybe incorporate more medieval influences to really get the "dungeon synth" label imho
Level 10 XHBist
post #138708 :: 2021.03.12 10:29am
  MelonadeM liēkd this

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