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Rob ft th4 D34D - Work Without Rules - MD demo by Minerscale
  4th/60   Σ29.855   Nov 4th 2017 7:42am
Title: Rob feat th4 D34D - Work Without Rules - A Megadrive demo by Minerscale


We present to the BotB fam, a very special Megadrive demo!
Music by Rob and th4 D34D, demo coded by Minerscale. Art assets created by Minserscale and Th4 D34D (plus Delta Razero and Tobikomi on the intro logos).

Inspired by all the excellent Nintendo demo action lately, stirred up by DevEd, Pigu and AugustusBlkheart, we decided to bring the action over to the FM competition. Rob laid down some sweet melodies, bumpin bass lines and smooth rhythms. Th4 D34D extended, added to the piece, and adjusted the sound design aspects. Then a very busy Minerscale went to work coding and creating the Megadrive demo from scratch! All programming, production and editing was handled by Minerscale himself (while simultaneously finishing school projects and trying to stay sane) while th4 D34D helped out with the seamless backgrounds and editing a couple other art assets. Finished just in time!

You can view a video render of the demo here (uploaded for this battle):

And check out the source code:

Thank you for listening/watching!

The rom will only work in KEGA Fusion and the track will absolutely not work correctly at all in Gens/Kmod (the visuals will be intact, but the audio is heavily glitched).
Creative Commons License

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Level 21 Chipist
post #91807 :: 2017.11.04 7:56am
  Robyn, MiDoRi, Minerscale and th4 D34D liēkd this
Everyone gets sniped part 5

Awesome stuff my brothas
Level 20 Mixist
post #91808 :: 2017.11.04 7:57am
  raphaelgoulart, Apsarah, MiDoRi and th4 D34D liēkd this
Jebus. That was a lot of work. Unfortunately, none of us has an everdrive. If you have a mega everdrive and you live in a PAL region (I made it for PAL because:
A: I live in a PAL region
B: The 16px extra vertical resolution
C: The extra CPU time per frame. 60hz vs 50hz
D: PAL is the more stable superior format.)

It would be great if you could record it on hardware!
Level 24 Chipist
post #91809 :: 2017.11.04 8:53am
  Apsarah, th4 D34D and MiDoRi liēkd this
Are we turning this site into democoding competition now?

PS: PAL region best region
Level 24 Chipist
post #91816 :: 2017.11.04 12:52pm
  raphaelgoulart, andres, Minerscale and th4 D34D liēkd this
Wow guys! Way to make that FM sing! Glad to know my boy Rob is still smooth as buttah. D34d tearing it up as usual and it is rad to see Minerscale in on this as well.
Level 20 Mixist
post #91842 :: 2017.11.05 1:19am
  raphaelgoulart, Apsarah, th4 D34D and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Hey apparently it's on pouet.net now!

Level 23 Chipist
post #91839 :: 2017.11.05 1:33am
  Robyn, Apsarah, Post-retro, RazerBlue6, th4 D34D, DevEd and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
where's my demo major
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #91846 :: 2017.11.05 5:31am :: edit 2017.11.05 10:14am
  raphaelgoulart, Robyn and th4 D34D liēkd this
i am sure this will be a future classic, goddamn great demo; also, is one of the nicest things my name appears on! :D can't thank you enough; it made me very very happy ='3
Level 22 Pixelist
post #91852 :: 2017.11.05 9:58am
  raphaelgoulart, Minerscale, th4 D34D and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Also the parallax scrolling part has to be my favorite one, really nice background art and cool colors, wonder who did that one
Level 20 Mixist
post #91898 :: 2017.11.05 10:16pm :: edit 2017.11.05 10:16pm
  raphaelgoulart, MiDoRi, ViLXDRYAD and th4 D34D liēkd this
I believe that was th4 D34D!

Also, thank you for your kind words, I'm really happy I made something cool!
Level 16 Chipist
post #92170 :: 2017.11.15 5:10pm
  Minerscale and th4 D34D liēkd this
Level 12 Criticist
post #92206 :: 2017.11.18 12:16am
  ViLXDRYAD, Minerscale and th4 D34D liēkd this
This was naiss ~
Level 26 Chipist
post #92220 :: 2017.11.18 10:40am
  Minerscale and th4 D34D liēkd this
That was a cewl dem0 Everything was tight =D
Level 19 Chipist
post #92274 :: 2017.11.19 10:11am
  MiDoRi, Apsarah and th4 D34D liēkd this
Wow, such a stylish demo, great work.

It makes my heart swell to see people making things like this.

I wanna be you guys when I grow up :')
Level 17 Chipist
post #92313 :: 2017.11.19 8:28pm
  Minerscale, ViLXDRYAD and th4 D34D liēkd this
Wow, i've missed this one too =O Coincidentally i'm getting a mega everdrive pretty soon! I'm focused on Nomad now but of course i have a PAL Mega Drive at home too, so i'm going to test it if the everdrive arrives - someone may be quicker tho =P
Level 20 Mixist
post #92316 :: 2017.11.19 9:50pm
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Oh thanks Apsarah! That really helps.
Level 24 Chipist
post #92321 :: 2017.11.20 5:46am :: edit 2017.11.20 5:50am
  th4 D34D and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
How did I only just see this this is amazing oh my daaaays
(and by the way, thank you for the mention! <3)
Level 23 Chipist
post #92487 :: 2017.11.26 4:58pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Thaaank you everyone again! The thank yous/shout-outs list in the demo is really from all of us. Thank you for making BotB such an enjoyable time. I also meant to include some people that we forgot to mention (such as AugustusBlkheart!) but really the list includes all of botb. The demo might have been more extravagant, but we did it all in a pretty short amount of time with Minerscale handling all of the rom coding/compiling. I'm still really happy with it as it is, and am proud to have been a part of it.
...demo tourney would be nice some day ;D
Level 26 Chipist
post #92503 :: 2017.11.27 7:53am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
wow, i missed this as well; well, better late than never anyways. amazing demo, the music is pretty cool too. the piano part was really creative.
congrats for all of you, and thx for including my name at the end <3 like ViLXDRYAD, i can say this is one of the coolest things my name appears on!
Level 16 Chipist
post #92940 :: 2017.12.10 9:43am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Finally saw the demo and it's lovely! Fantastic job!

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