Plaits Fungi
  Oct 16th 2020 2:46pm
Some chordal stuff with AudibleInstrument Macro Oscillator 2 (mutable instruments plaits clone for VCV) with actual sequencing for some sort of structure, and a bunch of modular fungi zen art stuff and whatnot.

Required module packs:
Modular Fungi (not strictly necessary)
Submarine (not strictly necessary)
Count Modula
Audible Instruments
Alright Devices
Aria Salvatrice
StellareModular (not strictly necessary)

To properly initialize the patch, find the reset-button on the zzc clock and press it, that triggers a bunch of LFOs

Cool things to do:
- The main structure sequencer is the 8x16 Gate Sequencer at the top which mutes channels from the MindMeld mixer, feel free to fool around with different compositions and things
- The SEQ-3 is in charge of the main melody shape and thing, Row 2 being pitch and Row 3 being chord shape for one of the plaits
- All the G A T E Sequencers near the bottom are in charge of triggering envelopes and drums and stuff so that's where you want to prod to change the rhythmic stuff. One of these also clocks the SEQ-3
- Obviously all the knobs are twiddleable but not all affect things, do have fun!
- The small blue strip on the 2nd row is a light-switch, right click it and activate it from the menu and you get a lightshow by dimming other things!

Uncool things to beware:
- The master channel of the mixer is set to DIM by design, things can get LOUD if that's disabled.
- The NSYNTHI sampler has a 118bpm drumloop loaded in, so changing the bpm on the zzc clock can cause that to get outta sync.
- The AUX effects (Chronoblob and Plateau) send their outputs into actual tracks instead of aux returns, so if you set aux sends for those channels, you can create loud feedback very quickly. They're also grouped into mixer group 1, so I suggest keeping the aux sends of group 1 at 0
- The gate sequencers are linkable, but intentionally separated with 1hp blanks to NOT link them. That would link their pattern selection, clock and reset lines to the leftmost connected one. Beware if you rearrange the modules!

Hope this is enough to enjoy the patch!

The render is one loop through the main 8x16 structure sequencer
Creative Commons License

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Level 26 Mixist
post #128487 :: 2020.10.16 3:09pm
Oh the only thing I'm not sure is if the NSYNTHI sample gets transferred with the .vcv file, I have absolutely no idea!
Level 26 Mixist
post #128488 :: 2020.10.16 3:26pm
Nope, NSYNTHI sampler doesn't remember samples. Here's a link to the loop I'm using:

To get it loaded, right-click on the main sample area in the sampler, load wav and find that on your computer.

The parameters *SHOULD* be saved though, so this should work with this
Level 19 Chipist
post #128620 :: 2020.10.19 2:26am
Very trippy and chill. I like it a lot :D

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