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Parting Words
  9th/25   Σ23.589   Nov 17th 2015 10:56am
originally going to be instrumental, i decided to add hadzune migu because it was a bit lacking, melodically. very inspired by the music/scenario of Phantasy Star Online, and somewhat by the Delgados. tempo is 78bpm in 4/4. key is G major.

LYRICS (pls sing along when u do the stream, thx (haha jk but u can if u want ;) ))

when we left
nobody spoke a word until we
knew for sure that we would live to see another
day and night, so terrified
the suns we saw were
way too bright
we hardly spoke at all and shut our eyes

parting words
always sad
boats of gold
all we had

repeat a

arturia minimoog v - all the synths
miku english - lead vocal
gumi english - harmony vocal
kontakt 4 orchestra - piccolo, flute, violin, viola, cello, fr. horn, tuba, bass drum, snare drum, cymbal
roland tr-707 - kick and snare
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Level 24 Chipist
post #60990 :: 2015.11.17 12:35pm
  failure_supreme and maxvdub liēkd this
this is great :O
Level 19 Chipist
post #60997 :: 2015.11.17 6:46pm :: edit 2018.07.15 12:18am
  failure_supreme and maxvdub liēkd this
really good

edit: i didn't know the favorite button existed when i wrote this comment. i have now favorited it.
Level 12 Mixist
post #61024 :: 2015.11.19 10:36am
  maxvdub liēkd this
I literally *love* this.

Just curious, by kontakt orchestra you mean the stuff full kontakt comes with?
Level 20 Chipist
post #61025 :: 2015.11.19 10:47am
  failure_supreme liēkd this
probably. it's stuff that came with komplete 7 and i load them through the kontakt 4 player. looks like this:
Level 12 Mixist
post #61026 :: 2015.11.19 10:58am
  maxvdub liēkd this
Only from that "factory selection" item in the list?

I ask because it seems incredible that this song is coming from that stuff... if that's the case, I might need to shift the focus from "buying new libraries" to "getting good" :P
Level 20 Chipist
post #61027 :: 2015.11.19 11:07am
  gotoandplay and failure_supreme liēkd this
helps a lot if you don't expect anything too complex out of the instruments. most of the orchestral parts in this song are just long drawn out notes which these sample libraries are more than capable of doing. then for the quick runs i keyswitch to the staccato setting, which is way less than ideal; ideally i would have those runs slurred but i'm not sure if that's possible with this library. but staccato sounds better than just leaving it on sustain where it has a slow attack. i guess it also helps that i've been using this exact library for years now so i'm kind of used to the limitations and am probably writing around them. i plan to get a more comprehensive orchestral library sometime in the future (when i get a better computer).
Level 12 Mixist
post #61035 :: 2015.11.19 11:40pm
  maxvdub liēkd this
That's actually really useful, thanks.
Level 8 Mixist
post #61151 :: 2015.11.26 11:23am
  illyasviel and maxvdub liēkd this
Level 27 Chipist
post #61649 :: 2015.12.20 12:21pm
  maxvdub liēkd this
Delgados? Yeah, it does make me think of american trilogy

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