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  2nd/7   Σ25.910   Nov 6th 2013 5:06am
The first rule of Union Aerospace Corporation is that you don't talk about Union Aerospace Corporation. Especially not about its "top secret" "research" projects. Especially not about that one on Ganymede they talked about on evening news.


Deep in the rock of an unnamed moon (that's classified, soldier) circling Jupiter, John McMuscle and his squadron is under attack.

"We've got company!" shouts John McMuscle as the hellspawn began to flood through the doorway.
"We are not in Kansas anymore!" you remark as rest the of your Elite Soldier Professional Squadron succumbs under the hordes of imps.
With his last breath, McMuscle manages to whimper "It's game over man, game over!". You stagger towards safety, an UAC airlocked door at the end of the hallway and can't help but mutter "I have a bad feeling about this!"

You manage to slide under the closing door and find yourself inside a some kind of an ancient temple that surely wasn't there during the holovision training. It's just like it had been moved there from another dimension, extraordinary! "EXTERMINATE THE ENEMY, PRIVATE!" shouts a strict voice from your iMilitary radio phone. Before you can open your sand filled mouth to answer, the call ends in familiar manner: "AND THAT'S AN ORDER, PRIVATE! *CLICK*".

Encouraged by this respectful employer-employee communication, you put on your most favorite song, reload your gun - twice and wipe off the dust from your helmets visor.

"It's showtime!"


Use native MIDI playback, if possible. The song sounds a bit weird (and quiet) with Chocolate Doom's OPL emulation.

Tools used:
Doom Builder 2
SLADE v3.1.0
FL Studio 11
Creative Commons License
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Chip Champion - labyrinth
Level 28 Chipist
post #33892 :: 2013.11.27 7:38pm
i love the songong can i get the source
Level 24 Mixist
post #33900 :: 2013.11.28 4:02am
  goluigi liēkd this
Thanks :) Here's the song: ASSHATS.MID 19KB
Level 27 Chipist
post #34318 :: 2013.12.08 11:17am
  cce liēkd this
94/54/16 in 5:25 (UV)

the other secrets looked like fun so I might come back and try to 100% it later. the midi music is nice and I think the glitchy adlib funk is charming in its own way

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