Orchestral - Taking over The Kingdom
  May 6th 2021 9:37am
First time posting an orchestral track here, it's actually the main genre I'm focusing on.

When composing this I was thinking of different movie scenes and different cues which at least made me end up with probably an uncommon structure.

The track needs some adjustment, probably composition is finished. I feel like this is my best original work so far, take it for a spin, I learned a ton at least!

And as always constructive criticism is welcome!


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Level 18 Mixist
post #142068 :: 2021.05.30 3:49pm :: edit 2021.05.30 3:49pm
  peshti liēkd this
THE WITCHER 3 ON NINTENDO SWITCH (what sound libraries are used in this?)
Level 20 XHBist
post #142096 :: 2021.05.30 5:31pm
  peshti liēkd this
damn if someone slapped this onto a random epic game trailer i wouldn't even notice the difference

good job, excited to hear more
Level 11 Mixist
post #142672 :: 2021.06.11 4:32pm
  tree liēkd this
ordinate - Thanks you're far too kind, I used a bunch for this and chances are that I will probably miss mentioning some. This is what I remember using, Metropolis Ark 1, 8Dio century brass ensemble I think, The giant (piano). Albion one, cinematic studio strings and that is probably all I remember using.

tree - You're far too kind! Makes me feel like my hard work is paying off. There is a lot to improve but I feel like I'm on the right track. More is definitely coming and hopefully I will kickstart my YouTube channel more in the beginning of august =)

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