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the winter of our pants 
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Nobody Else
  136th/318   Σ24.083   Feb 9th 2021 8:52am

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So yeah, Fakebit. I guess this is a step in the direction I want for a while now. Modern ko0x sound that doesn't sound like something half. Just all the standard chip samples from my chiptunes but in ableton. Found an awesome vocal by accident in one of those vocal sample packs and BAMM, it's Pop Fakebit now. Despite that I still suck at producing, and compression and EQ-ing is still sorta mystery to me, I'm happy how this turned out and probably will use it as template to create more like this instead of switching styles every 2 songs. So I reeeally hope you like it <3
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post #137712 :: 2021.03.01 12:06pm
  ko0x liēkd this
Nice production! I was thinking, "wow, he's got a great voice!" As I read the description it's not your vocal but it's still a good piece!
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Modus Ponens
post #138276 :: 2021.03.06 3:52pm
  ko0x liēkd this
I absolutely love this! It has a tone that really feels kind of mysteriously nostalgic to me, and it's definitely still true ko0xcore.

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