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  317th/325   Σ14.208   Jan 18th 2019 8:47pm

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Pan Flute is my favorite instrument used for the melody looks like a female Japanese folk's voice.

Also, it is a chip-ballad song as well.
S3M Module contains samples from OPL3 Instruments.
Creative Commons License

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Level 8 Mixist
post #106533 :: 2019.01.06 3:21am
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
I like how this doesnt sound like adlib but it actualy is. Good music.
Level 27 Chipist
post #106534 :: 2019.01.06 4:00am :: edit 2019.02.15 1:54pm
  GudPiggeh liēkd this
martynas you were right the first time, as this appears to be an .xm rather than an adlib track

and it has auld lang syne in it lol

edit; it appears the auld lang syne is now gone
Level 16 Chipist
post #106540 :: 2019.01.06 12:44pm
  big lumby, Yung Gotenks, Slimeball, MiDoRi, Tobikomi and kleeder liēkd this
  Yomaru Kasuga hæitd this
This is supposed to be .s3m. not .xm.
Level 27 Chipist
post #106599 :: 2019.01.09 12:42pm
  big lumby, MiDoRi and GudPiggeh liēkd this
  Yomaru Kasuga hæitd this
not only that, but it's supposed to use FM instruments rather than samples
Level 29 Mixist
post #106738 :: 2019.01.19 2:48am :: edit 2019.01.19 2:48am
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
it's good that you made an entry with adlib samples, but it's still supposed to use the actual adlib instruments in the module instead of samples, and wouldn't be much harder to just use adlib directly in openmpt, you'd just have to replace the samples with the corresponding 2OP instruments.
Level 31 Chipist
post #106739 :: 2019.01.19 3:39am
  Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
Also check the Lyceum Article. Anything related to Submit Restrictions can be looked up there:

"Scream Tracker 3 modules (*.s3m) are ordinarily sample-based, but the format also supports the AdLib soundcard. Modules that use AdLib instruments exclusively are fair game for submission."
Level 13 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #106740 :: 2019.01.19 3:39am
  big lumby and WouterVL hæitd this
Thanks, but I have to do everything when i'm not wrong. So, next time, I make more chiptune songs (used mostly in ScreamTracker 3 from OpenMPT) about those things such as children's collection just like me. I used AdLib (OPL3) Samples instead of General MIDI Instruments that when I imported in each number. That's all. I hope that enjoy more songs of these things I have a lots of fun will making it. But now, I remembered all these years to come.
Level 16 Chipist
post #106743 :: 2019.01.19 7:37am
  argarak, ceres, MiDoRi, Karmic, big lumby, kleeder, awesum, ipi, Yomaru Kasuga, Slimeball, petet, raphaelgoulart, YQN and GudPiggeh hæitd this
  pandavova liēkd this
i joined to say this

yomaru you're an actual moron oh my god lmao

there's a good reason why he's banned from TMA everyone
Level 13 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #106939 :: 2019.01.26 5:46pm
  WouterVL liēkd this
Tch! I think Wouter is just weird for me!?
Hmph! No, I'm Not!
Level 0 n00b
post #107017 :: 2019.01.27 10:59pm
  Slimeball and Yomaru Kasuga liēkd this
nice composition. big improvement from his TMA days
Level 13 Chipist
Yomaru Kasuga
post #107021 :: 2019.01.28 1:33am
  Slimeball liēkd this
Thank you OwO!

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