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I went the shinichi route and used BizHawk with a .saveram file, which you apparently can rename to .sav and it worked for me, at least on the command line ntrq2nsf. \.o./ (which messed up my instruments, so if a good render can happen that would be nice, thanks)
I also was streaming myself for the most of this since Saturday, about like 6 hours total. Jabeebus. Hope you like it though, I probably won't even attempt NTRQ again until next year, heh. :p

EDIT : Also, this was based off a BeepBox wip song I made awhile ago (and got shown a bit at the end of the SPC Echoes 2 results stream). Here's a SHORTENED link, because synclistens. https://tinyurl.com/mb8bf8k

EDIT2 : yo thanks shinichi for the render \.o./

EDIT3 : AHA YES I GOT AROUND TO FIXING THIS. So I think the save file was messed up or something with the first one I submitted, but this one should be good with percussion. Also made a render myself, with the magic of direct output! \.o./
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th4 D34D
post #83092 :: 2017.04.25 5:24pm
  Jangler and Quirby64 liēkd this
Radical overall! One thing, it seems like the snare element could be more present (I think I hear it clicking king of low but it's almost inaudible). If you can raise that, I think it might help the rhythmic movement. If you can't raise the volume on that, perhaps lower the volume of the synth elements instead to compensate. Still over 2 weeks til the deadline. Because otherwise this is awesome! One of your coolest compositions that I'm familiar with.
Level 24 Chipist
post #83093 :: 2017.04.25 5:37pm
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Ayy, thanks! \.o./ Yeah, listening to it again the snare is a bit weird - I might try working on it again later today or tomorrow to go fix that. :>
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Galak Sea
post #85857 :: 2017.06.08 2:21pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Very nice things going on here! i got a bit surprised by that ending tho ^^

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