Level 27 Chipist
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textual pants 
1st Σ5.985

Moji Maze 3D
  2nd/14   Σ28.000   Jul 2nd 2017 11:33am

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This kind of ended up more tech demo than game, and the game part isn't all that great cause I had no time to make the game actually interesting, but hope you enjoy anyway ^_^

Read the included readme for more details! Requires a somewhat recent browser since I used a bunch of ES6 stuff. Chrome highly recommended for optimal performance; Firefox technically works but runs the game slowly. (I think I know why, but no time to fix/optimize of course...)
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Level 29 Chipist
post #87178 :: 2017.07.02 10:19pm :: edit 2017.07.02 10:19pm
my favorite from the jam, totally unexpected and inspiring. really great work
Level 28 Chipist
post #87186 :: 2017.07.03 1:03am :: edit 2017.07.03 1:03am
Coooooool game.
Handful of little things about the rendering bug me, but considering the submission rush, there's not much to do about it, and it's impressive as heck.

most major issue is that the rooms are too big and too full of food
Level 28 Chipist
post #87278 :: 2017.07.04 7:26am :: edit 2017.07.04 7:27am
cool tech demo! but yes, i just did the first maze since there wasn't anything particularly interesting about the gameplay.

edit: also i was expecting mojibake
Level 22 Mixist
post #87498 :: 2017.07.08 1:19am
I got up to level 9, then I walked into a corridor and now I'm locked in...

I got 217,100 points. Am I the winner?
Level 27 Chipist
post #87621 :: 2017.07.09 1:16pm
I'm a bit surprised this got 2nd overall (lots of more fun games!), but thanks to everyone who enjoyed it!

Regarding the feedback I saw between here and A-zu-ra's stream:

- Gameplay: Most of time was spent on the renderer as you might be able to tell, so I didn't have enough time to make the gameplay interesting. The original idea was to make a full Wolfenstein 3D clone complete with emoji-weapons, emoji-enemies, and more emoji-items, but I had less than a day left by the time I had most of the renderer done, so I had to scrap those plans for the simpler Pac-Man-ish game that I submitted.
- Levels: I realized I never explicitly mentioned it, but all the maps are procedurally generated using random BSP trees. This was the more frustrating part to implement and I kept getting parts wrong, so I kind of settled on whatever I got working and didn't spend too much time making the generated map feel interesting. It's still not completely working either; sometimes it will generate hallways through other hallways/rooms (which is what probably happened to Minerscale, you probably ended up walking into two intersecting hallways), and sometimes it will flat out not work because some rooms don't line up or something. I made sure the first several levels were at least playable, but I honestly didn't expect anyone to play past like level 3, lol. So Minerscale wins I guess.
- Rendering: I made the graphics "low res" mainly for performance reasons but I agree that it gets disorienting, especially for distant walls which end up all blending into one row. I tried making a "HD" version which doubles the resolution but targets 30ish FPS and tried optimizing the renderer a bit too - donload here
, patch is here
. It still doesn't work great in Firefox :(. It also never occurred to me to use the Canvas API, so yes, it's all done through the DOM which I imagine is why it's so slow, haha...
- Minimap: Open the dev console and enter in "map.debugRender()" :) -- I wrote this function for debugging purposes but officially it is not part of the game since it's not rendered with text :)
- DOS port: C'mon, just play Wolfenstein 3D :P

Again, glad y'all liked it!

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