Jun 20th 2022 7:26am

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In the year 3022...
...on the distant planet of Mathmatica, our story begins. There has been a terrible empire ruling over this planet for more than a hundred years. The citizens of Mathmatica have been struggling to live freely for many generations. Perhaps this planet isn't so distant?

The hero of this story was born into this empire and like many others has grown to resent it: in that regard he is similar to many others on his planet, but his life will play out very differently. One day, he wakes up, and decides he has had enough.

This has been the beginning of our story...

The rest of it shall now play through your audio device.
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Mathematica is a symbolic mathematical computation program, sometimes called a computer algebra program, used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields. It was conceived by Stephen Wolfram and is developed by Wolfram Research of Champaign, Illinois. The Wolfram Language is the programming language used in Mathematica.

Features include instant dynamic interactivity, high-impact adaptive visualization, symbolic interface construction, load-on-demand curated data, image and audio processing, neural networkings, 3D printing, and tools for connecting to DLL, SQL, Java, .NET, C++, Fortran, CUDA, OpenCL, and http based systems.

New: Wolfram|Alpha Pro
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thank you for teleporting me to the math planet in the year 3022, it fuckin rocks 🤘

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