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Livin' In The Fear
  10th/49   Σ26.768   Oct 25th 2021 2:21am
- Outro Guitar by Gusg! -

Suddenly without feeling the cold air right on your neck.
Heartbeat pulsing, twisting, turning, leeching, lurking at you, it's a curse, that you can't be willing to turn back.

Playing games of seeking new creations that embrace, with the tightest grips of trepidation that you've faced.

Why do we believe in sweet unease, to set us free?
You might think it's safe, but stay awake, to wait and see, the demons lurking.

What attracts this cold sensation?
It's the fear we seek.

Underlying terrified vibrations, for that, we strive.
Sensory sensationalism suspects these senses moulded into our own fear loving yokai minds.

Something strange. An amygdala enigma so strained.
Something strange, giving it a tear. Hold me now it's near.

As the imagery wraps round your hollowed out remains.
Spectral incantations play around and say your name.

Jamie don't you know, there is no ghost, no banshee's glow.
But they can't convince you're lattice twin, through crystal eyes, you know they're listening.

Did we name and make our doom?
With unholy looms.

Something strange, riding my back for the thrill of the chase.
Something strange, giving it a tear. Hold me now it's near.
Lactic ants, come all around my embryo and dance.
Fear's romance, time left now is dear, minds are so unclear, living in the fear.

When the skull inspires creation.
Comes from inside your fixations
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