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Run around and blow up the enemies.
Try not to die! 64 stages of action!
Avoid the perils of fire, enemies, and recoil!
Your gun is super-powerful, but it has major kick.

* Controls:
- The A-button fires a shot. There can only be one shot on screen.
- The B-button jumps. You can jump as often as you like.
- The X-button pauses. Each stage starts paused, too.
- Left and right move.

* There are three enemy types:
- Dinosaurs: They're too proud to do anything. They think they're invulnerable. Their armor should resist most attacks... but not your high-explosive bullets. You still need to blow them up to clear the stage. Some are in tricky spots to hit!
- Birds: They hover around, trying to line up with you. They can be baited into moving where you want.
- Teeth: They move wildly and dangerously. They're stupid, at least.

* Be aggressive! You get 2hp every level, and can hold 7hp. There's a time bonus that ticks down the longer you take, too.

I hope you enjoy it! :)
My limited time to work on this led to some of my plans being simplified quite a lot.
I'm not sure if the game is too easy or too hard, I've been playing non-stop for the last week, getting it ready for release.

You can play online at:
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Level 6 Mixist
post #104222 :: 2018.10.05 7:41pm
Level 20 Criticist
post #104655 :: 2018.10.21 11:32am
Cleartime 15min. Could use some variety of the music. Also the pacing was all over the place. Could've ramped up difficulty linearly.

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