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Herb "Stormy" Brauman's Cleveland Polka Megamix ('85)
  14th/256   Σ28.837   Feb 14th 2016 1:32pm
The best of Cleveland's Herb "Stormy" Brauman (everyone's favorite fictitious polka man) -

Featuring the 1985 "classics":

0:00 - 0:08 - an excerpt from "Polkatrousle"
0:09 - 1:03 - "Meet You at Sokolowski's"
1:04 - 1:31 - "I Don't Want to Go Home Today (My Wife is Mad at Me I Think)"
1:32 - 1:45 - an excerpt from "Brown Beer Polka"
1:46 - 2:10 - "Cuyahoga River Drinking Song"
2:11 - 2:40 - "Totally Not the Pennsylvania Polka Though It May Sound Like It - This is Another Song About Cleveland, Okay?"
2:40 - End - "Seven Roses Polka"

(special thanks to commandycan for pointing me to some cool music so I could figure out how to improve my leads - thanks a lot :D!)
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Level 25 Chipist
post #63362 :: 2016.02.15 7:36am
  tobokegao, Baron Knoxburry and ap0c liēkd this
hahahah there's lots of really nice notework and little touches in this~ i can tell you put a ton of heart in this piece. the silly waltz at 1:47 is my favourite bit

one thing i feel is a letdown is the harmony; its almost threadbare diatonic and it starts to wear my nerves after a while >:) feels almost out of place considering how well-crafted the rest of the work is
Level 21 Chipist
post #63367 :: 2016.02.15 8:05am
  tobokegao, Baron Knoxburry, Sinc-X and keramon liēkd this
I kinda love that you figured this out - it's the exact reason why I was hesitant on releasing it for this compo.

I feel that I struggle to find ways to incorporate harmony when I work with just 2a03 since my crutch is the VRC6's pulses to make everything better and I usually like those flowing, chained suspensions. I was too scared to use arp (0XX) chords too in a lot of the places and maybe that was a bit of a solution. I also like to use that silly speed echo arp thing way too much in the background to add depth - another crutch.

In terms of "serious original" work I've done for the 2a03, this may be the first one. I'll definitely be much more mindful of that in the future. Thanks for actually constructive and awesome feedback :) I really appreciate it.
Level 22 Mixist
post #64139 :: 2016.02.26 6:15pm
  ap0c liēkd this
que ricasooo!!
Level 23 Mixist
post #64197 :: 2016.02.27 10:03am
  ap0c liēkd this
fun tune.
Level 5 Criticist
post #68003 :: 2016.05.22 3:14pm :: edit 2016.05.22 3:14pm
pretty good
interesting. *notes that it appears to be taken from American polka

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